The clouds have parted...lets party


It’s nice to have a bit of sunshine, isn’t it? Dry out all the damp from the past few days.

The surf is horrible. Onshore, 4-5 foot, mushy and ugly. This wind should calm down tomorrow…be better then.

I am selling some stuff on ebay…pretty much new 15 inch MacBook Pro, Canon EOS Camera 1d Mark IV (Body Only) which has taken about 70% of the photos you’ve seen on Aquabumps…and a Canon EOS Camera 5d Mark II

Have a good day, uge

Down hill

Sam McIntosh, winding up, Bondi 8am

A frothy wobbler, Bondi 7:30am


Taking it all in...

Random paint


Thursday, pool cleaning day

7 thoughts on “I L L U M E

  1. Hey Uge, How big can you strech a 16 MegaPixel image out. I have 18 but i cant imagine it going very big. Cheers

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