Lost in Paradise, Bronte


Well…it’s been better. As in better waves and better weather. It hasn’t stopped raining for hours and your vehicle is gettin’ a free wash today.

I saw junkie waves around head high, sometimes bigger – but the ocean needs to calm down, so does the wind. It’s no Keramas out there…that’s for sure.

Enjoy the weekend. It’s going to rain until Monday. I recommend watching the latest series of Mad Men thrown in with a batch of Game of Thrones.

:: u g e

Apartments, Bronte

Bronte 8am, Caleb blowing out the seagulls

Sam Reid from 3 Blue ducks

Point splash

Caleb and Sam Reid heading out to Bronte

11 thoughts on “I N D O O R S

  1. No mention of watching the Lions beat the Wallabies in the second test, as part of your what to do this weekend Uge? Shame on you…..

      1. and I thought you were a man of the world….give your eyes a treat, promises to be carnage. You guys one down in the series…DO or DIE!

  2. I always enjoy receiving my daily dose of Bondi emails from Aquabumps. They always cheer me up. However I was interested to note that you have grey skies, rain and about 17-18 degrees. Reminds me of our UK summer up here at present.
    I shall be there for the third test, having a long w/e in Sydney, go the Lions!
    Geoff in Lincoln, UK

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