Big blue


Sorry about the radio silence over the past couple of days. I’m back online now (call off the search party)…and what stunning conditions I’ve got to report.

Perfect sunshine and a fresh swell with 2-3 footers. The beach is packed, schoolies have taken over, and it’s a damn fine beach day. Do it!

Yep…it’s true…overnight another Bondi grommet was born and his name is Spike, my No.2. He was born at sunset last night and what incredible dusk colours welcomed him into this world. I think it’s a sign. A sign he’ll pick up his father’s tools of the trade and be a walking Cyclops lens man like me. No pressure of course. Being an accountant is fine with me too!

I also have another massive announcement…Aquabumps has joined forces with the almighty Audi Australia team and Audi Centre Sydney to become our exclusive car partner. Our corporate partners are very important to Aquabumps. They give us the support to keep these daily photo updates free for you all and allow us to do really cool stuff…stuff that would be out of a bloggers reach like chartering helicopters and road trips to exotic lands…all to keep you happily entertained behind your office desk.

Enough excitement for 24 hours. I’ll sleep under a palm tree now.

S e e y a : : u g e

Unknown surfer, Bondi 7am

Daan Single - rig work

Julia, morning rights

Matt, Mark + James

Switching into reverse, Bondi 7am

The Bondi Fonzie

Looks like a homeless guy found a board


Spike. 20 mins old. Welcome to Bondi buddy

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  1. congratulations from germany to you & your family for cutest little spike! no doubt another bondi heartbreaker 😉

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