The rain dance


These 4 foot swells don’t hang around long at the moment. Friday was big, Saturday was small (but fun), Sunday was big and now today is tiny. Waves are breaking around your knee caps to belt line. But that’s about it. Of course it’s clear skies, sunny and 28 today. Just like every day.

Small conditions until Friday. That’s about all you need to know.

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Seeyouselaterhonkietonks :: uge

The world looks better like this.

The hair looks great Benny

Bondi 7am, Chris Little, morning regular

Californian blow-ins, Gomez and Danny

Brownie, morning hack

Hi Josie

Working on the summer rigs

Who's got the Oporto's on the beach again?

Benny Davies nursing a rounded hook

One thought on “Hit’n’Miss

  1. Uge I love your photos: dynamic, exciting, fresh. Keep ‘em coming ! Question: do you use any post-processing ‘blur’ effects / any recommendations on metering modes? I’m an enthusiast in Dubai, and wanna learn for my own desert photography. Thanks, Raad

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