Bondi puddles


FINALLY, it’s stopped raining, and the sunshine has broken through. Nice to see everybody out and about, doing their morning rituals. Waves were breaking on two sandbanks, a left and a right, but only around waist high and very fat. You need a high volume surf vehicle today and plenty of patience. With the North […]

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Tyson Millar, throwing the big frame around at South

Dawn Currents

Our constant supply of East swell got a spruce up this morning. I saw waves over head high at Bondi, but around the corner at exposed beaches will be much, much bigger. Nice! I choose to swim with my camera, which proved difficult as the rip currents were on turbo, not allowing me to connect […]

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One way to wake up, a splash at Icebergs


I was just about to write “An abundance of sunshine this morning – how good – as the forecast was for rain rain rain” – and then, it poured. Bucketed. Only for a minute. Enough for you to rethink your outdoor plan for today. It’s going to be a fickle week, mostly wet and onshore. […]

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Rob Norman, nose rides

Monday Bumps

Mondays are always so much quieter down the beach. Even though it was a perfect morning, there weren’t many people about. Swell looks more NE than from the South, and there’s a high tide dribble chugging into Bondi at sunrise. Logs, mini-mals, foamies would be the weapon of choice. Leave the short boards at home. […]

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North Bondi, session finished

Summer Lake

The waves are tiny, Bondi is doing it’s best impersonation of a lake. Is it surfable, kinda…on a mal. Swimmable – very. It’s a mighty fine day – but it will change later.  Around 4 pm the clouds will increase and Thursday and Friday are rainy days. This new storm should shake up some NE […]

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Early Shift

What…an Aquabumps daily email in your inbox before 10:30am? Can’t be! Yeah, this is the new me. How do ya like them apples? Well…the sun is rising so damn early (5:30am) and I am waaaaay ahead of my usual schedule. In fact my biggest problem is that there is barely anyone out to shoot so […]

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Double Bangers

How good was the double banger rainbows last night? Oh the romance… I only got a quick one on my phone but Robbie Norman scored this work of art above. You’ll find Robbie at @stillnothere The surf was a little disappointing this morning as I had high hopes of it cranking. It’s small. Like 1-2 […]

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Well ‘ava a look at that…the morning cloud cover has burnt off and revealed a cracker beach day. It’s really, really nice down there. Barely a ripple to surf but the water temp is spot on. Bondi is full of tourists and the beach will be rammed, again, today. Party time! Get ya cosi on, […]

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Office Jockey

Looks to me like last night’s wind knocked around the swell and it’s now tiny (knee cappers). It’s barely surfable. Seeing the clouds are here with rain I’d say it’s a great day to lock into office jockey mode and start nailing stuff off your list. The good times will return, soon. :: uge

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Sorry about the radio silence over the past couple of days. I’m back online now (call off the search party)…and what stunning conditions I’ve got to report. Perfect sunshine and a fresh swell with 2-3 footers. The beach is packed, schoolies have taken over, and it’s a damn fine beach day. Do it! Yep…it’s true…overnight […]

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Today we enter into Spring. True. I know most of you probably feel like that happened a few months ago. But it is here now, and looking real pretty. Today is a cracker. Go outside. Bask. Surf – nope. Still nothing. Later this week you will see some swell, but most days of this week […]

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With the forecast looking healthy for some ENE swell today and a rumour of some decent banks down at the Bra I rolled down there to take a look. It was OOOkkkk(ish)…waist to chest high, clean and out of the SW wind…but not really worth chasing. 3 out of 10. This grey old day will […]

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Bondi Bumps

We haven’t had good waves in ages. Not much has broken over my head during the festive season in Sydney. My shrink told me to look at other sports over summer, you know, be less 1 dimensional and spread my energy into sports less dependent on fickle weather’n’waves (or move to Hawaii). Today we have […]

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