With the forecast looking healthy for some ENE swell today and a rumour of some decent banks down at the Bra I rolled down there to take a look. It was OOOkkkk(ish)…waist to chest high, clean and out of the SW wind…but not really worth chasing. 3 out of 10. This grey old day will hopefully improve later with a swell increase…in fact the swell is due to come right up to double head high tomorrow. Find a beach that likes south winds and ENE swell e.g. Manly or down south coast. The winds look quite light tomorrow also, which is a bonus.

Today’s photos are a mixed bag…some from this morning others B-sides from this week’s shooting.

Two weeks ago we left Sydney…3 camera dudes, 3 pro surfers….and drove 844 clicks from to the Quiky Pro (Snapper Rocks QLD). It was an amazing drive and we scored really good, uncrowded waves. Have a look at this small film we made along the way…thanks Land Rover for making the trip possible. Thanks Rob Norman and Juz Barnwell for working on the film…thanks Chris Friend, Blake Thornton, Pama Davies for putting on a show…view video

Have a great weekend and hope you score plenty of waves : : u g e

Happy Birthday Sammy Cockle


Old boy Sam C ruling the white water

Maroubra 7:10am, pocket

Back Hand Stab, Musso

Chris Prestidge

Miss Vidler

Miss Antarctica

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  1. mY flatmate stalks miss antartica thanks this shot will make his weekend. and road to the pro awesome! love your work – you are an inspiration. P.S today is awful thanks for making it a little bit prettier

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