Sam Mcintosh blowing the tail out, Bondi 7:40am

Bondi Bumps

We haven’t had good waves in ages. Not much has broken over my head during the festive season in Sydney. My shrink told me to look at other sports over summer, you know, be less 1 dimensional and spread my energy into sports less dependent on fickle weather’n’waves (or move to Hawaii).

Today we have waves. Fun ones. Head high ones. So today’s Aquabumps is all Surf-surf-surf. No fancy sunrises, no seagull shots, no old cars or retro buildings, no swimmercams….just surfing.

The weather will clear and the winds will go North later today. Tomorrow looks like a great day for everything.

Later : : u g e

Australia’s most enthusiastic father and son, Tim and Jarvis Banfield

She's gonna double up! Tuck in

Isabelle Pfaeffi on a tasty lil' right close to shore

Sam. Hit.

Geremy MW Blake coming out of retirement

Our film guy, Rob Norman puttin' it up there

Rake those leaves off the bottom

Nice rights in the south

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