Bondi seagulls out on the hunt for some Hungry Jacks leftovers


So…I bet you didn’t sleep last night in 40 degrees.

Not unless you had air cond.

You tossed and turned all night and feeling a little cranky at work today.

I know the feeling. Have a double espresso. Knock yourself out.

Today is a new day. The cooling southerly has taken over and the waves are a mess. Fuggedaboutit.

Let’s hope all this wind stirs up something for us.

Things to note: Friday and Saturday look like beautiful beach days. Thursday and Friday look like good surf days.

Enjoy :: u g e

Bondi 6:00am, morning people

JJ and a onshore left hander


New promenade artwork

Girls in the morning glare

This is how today started, Ben Buckler 6:00am

14 thoughts on “Sauna

  1. Can we comment about the rubbish last night (and I’ll include some people in that statement) and this morning. What right do these guys have to just turn up (i’m sure it happened on most of the sydney beaches) and disrespect a place so much. Walking across the beach was like walking on a landfill, and the sea was pretty disgusting too. I have no idea what the solution is but these people who are brash and live a long way from the beach need to be addressed. Taking 3 for the sea is all well and good but it papers of the cracks of wider social issue….and it bloody annoys me.

      1. Create different social statuses, and look down on ‘them’ in anger and hate… or go pick up the rubbish by your damn self.

    1. One thing that won’t work is bins. Walked past Oporto and Burger King last night in the heat. Ankle deep rubbish right next to the two big, nowhere near full, bins. Lazy and disrespectful.

      1. @Johny D. Although I wasn’t walking through the bins – I don’t know how you could have read that into what I wrote – The footpath pretty much was a bin. As much as praise should be heaped on those that cleaned up, I just don’t get the mentality of those who can’t even take their rubbish the 3 or, if they’re really small, 4 paces to the bins.

    2. Hey Guys,

      I was up pretty early today and saw the aftermath of yesterday (before the cleaners) – wow. Lucky it doesn’t happen often. Only on the BIG BIG summer beach days.

      I am not sure what the solution is…but I saw plenty, and I mean PLENTY of locals picking up rubbish at dawn and I have total respect for that. Praise to those that helped this morning and thankfully it’s not like this every week. Rather than getting all fiery and pointing fingers, I reckon use that energy to praise and help clean it up.

      thanks, uge

      1. yeah I carry as much as I can thats safe to do so out of the beach and into a bin but would prefer my morning walk to just be a lovely experience where I appreciate the environment and surroundings, litter does spoil this greatly. Uge it shouldn’t happen at all whether its the BIG summer days or a wet winter day….it’s almost seen like its someone else duty and not the individual…….I’ll continue to clean up but it won’t stop me from getting annoyed by the whole experience.

  2. Yes, It’s absolutely disgusting. It is the same on the Gold Coast, blown in from out-of-town and leave the beach and car parks like a tip.

  3. Smokers are worse, I told someone off for flickin there cig butt on the sand the other day they looked so shocked they actually picked it up. I said it was ilegal to smoke on the beach – is that true?, im sure it carries a fine

  4. On busy days like Tuesday Waverley council needs to have the rangers policing littering rather than parking the fines are just as high so in terms of revenue no hit and doing a social good.

    I hate the filthy blow ins that don’t give a shit.

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