Ahoy there sailors! The Tall Ships hit Sydney Harbour today


Damn flat down at ‘The Pond’ this morning. AKA Pond-I (thanks Evan). The ocean was exhausted by yesterday’s howling winds and there wasn’t a ripple to ride this morning at 6am.

Fortunately this flatness will be short lived as a new south swell kicks into gear – just about now (I look at my watch and see 2pm – yes, these reports are getting out late).

I see waves until Sunday…and good ones tomorrow morning, that’s if the wind doesn’t mess things up.

Our Aquabumps/Speedo boardies are in store now for the 3rd season…these are my fav…. super comfortable in the water with space-age stretchy material.

Until we speak again tomorrow, adios :: ugios

No waves today, Miss Antarctica still finding things to do


What's behind door No.2 Jet? Thomas?

North Bondi - we live close together

Cleo bachelors of the year circa 1991!


Waves? what waves? Not even a shorey.

If you can beat this guy on soft sand, I will give you 10 bucks

Off to the Mentawais?

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