No reef required, just an abrupt shorey at Bondi this a.m.


It’s 8:30 am and this could be the earliest Aquabumps daily email ever sent. I’ve already swam for 1.5 hours and shot plenty for you. Bondi has some today. The swell is still alive and kicking, Bondi was breaking far out the back but I was more focused on the violet, abrupt shorey opportunities. It was […]

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Matt Pearson tucked inside tightly into this Bondi wedgey


To begin our daily chat today I have a video from my most recent trip, Nihiwatu (Sumba Indonesia). WATCH NOW (hey, it’s only 2 mins, if you think you don’t have time to watch a 2 min vid then you need a holiday!) Proper good times this morning. The swell has kicked around to the […]

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Rush hour, Bondi sunrise

Circular Swim

A really fun morning of waves, but enormous crowds trying to get a piece of the action. Crazy. 5 x unpredictable missiles per wave – very scary! I’m glad I made it out of there alive. Some really close shaves. I spent 90% of my morning swimming against that South Bondi rip, making it hard to […]

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Full moon on Bondi Hotel x8_5329

Lunar Burn

Good morning to the good people of Aquabumps. Today has all the right ingredients, clear skies, warm air and light winds. It’s a good day to have off, middle of the week, go chill down the beach.  Stuff like that… 32 banging degrees on Friday – now that’s another day you should have off. Benny’s boardroom, […]

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The Blake Show

Meet Blake, Blake Thornton. He’s a good surfer and good bloke from Maroubra who’s doin’ well on the WQS at the moment. Like a 5th in The Margaret River Masters, 25th in the Quiky Pro (Durban) and a 3rd in the O’Neill Highland Open in Scotland. 24 year old Blake’s dream is to make the […]

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Yesterday was pretty special down at Bondi. Good times…this consistent new south swell is full of grunt and paired with a northerly wind – just perfect. Unfortunately it got too big for Bondi this morning and was predominantly closing out (and its still getting bigger). The peak in the middle was the better option. Its […]

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It may be your first week back at work but today is a great day to wag work and bake it out of town. Bondi and surrounds don’t look like they have much going on, but somewhere is going off with 3-4 footers at East facing beaches (and NE winds)…you’re dreaming if you think I […]

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Eastern exposure

There are waves today at east exposed beaches. Good waves. With a 9-10 second period, the power might tweak up a little. I’d say it’s one of the better days this week but you’ll have to get out of Bondi – which is neglecting the energy source. A bakin’ 28 degrees is forecasted for today. […]

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It a very busy time of year for most people. Christmas is coming and everybody wants everything finished before Christmas. But there is one thing you should try and squeeze into your busy today… that’s some time down the beach. Not only is it a stunning beach day, sunny and 24 degrees, but there are […]

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