The bay - fully stocked with fresh swell today


What a morning… To kick it off at 5:15am the morning sun cooked a thin cloud hanging over Ben Buckler. The colours were exceptional. Combine that with clear skies, a summery maximum of 28 degrees and a fortunate north wind/south swell mix – and we’re having one of the best days in a long time.

Bondi is 6 foot. Consistent and solid. Ok not all good, amongst the closeout junk were some crackers breaking well out the back. Have to say if I didn’t have appointments this afternoon I would be heading straight out of town – a reef or sumpin’ that is breaking better than bondi…

I shot 4 x CF card loads this morning – so I thought it deserved a web gallery on the main site. 5 pics in the email wasn’t going to cut it. If you are in any of these shots – they’re all for sale, and yep we can print + frame them ready for the pool room. Some big chunks rolling in, and a nice shot to show the grand kiddies when you once ripped.

You can email us online or you can call Mikala in the gallery 9130 8371 to order. Now before you call up asking “hey I am the guy in the black wetsuit and white board – did you get a photo of me?” (you’d be surprised how many times this happens a day) – What is in the gallery is what I have…

Tomorrow smaller – but still good.

Get wet. Not a day for the learners…saw a few girls heading to South Africa this morning in a rip. cheers,uge

Colours all fired up for a new day

The smaller ones are the go

What a day...plenty of sets like these

A good sized set...

One thought on “Overload

  1. Unfortunately, there seems to be absolute lack of self regulation in the surf at Bondi which happens naturally at most other surfing locations. Way too many surfers who do not have sufficient skills to be out there, especially when it is bigger than 3ft. Theres is also a lack of recognition for the most competent surfers. It seems over the past 8 -10 yrs the perception of Bondi is that it is cool place to go if you can’t surf.!!!! Please don’t encourage this. Yes the ocean is for everybody, but the experienced surfers who have spent up to 30yrs developing their skills should not have their surfing enjoyment ruined by so many guys who simply do not know how/where to paddle & do not get out of the way!!!!!!. It was totally dangerous today, because of this – not to mention frustrating.
    It is each surfers responsibility to get out of the way of other surfers & paddel into the breaking part of the wave to not be in someones way. IF you cannot do this, go up to the northern end & keep practising until you can. Try to recognise that the best surfers have put in thousands of hours becoming good & if you are unsure of what to do just ask. We all know paddling fast takes time but it is where you try to paddle to which makes the difference!!!!! Thanks.

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