Random good wave.


In stark contrast to yesterday the conditions have deteriorated considerably overnight. The south change hit late and Sydney’s oceans are still agitated from it. The waves have halved to 3 footers and were very messy early… should improve as the day progresses as the grooming northerly winds kick in.

But how good was yesterday…Sydney was blessed with one of the best surf days in quite some time. Unfortunately the swell heights drop again for the weekend…unlucky office jockeys, it’s only going to be 2 foot.

Lara Bingle’s Pool party

Ashley Osborne (depicted in today’s swimmercam) and ‘Where-the-hell-are-ya’ Lara Bingle will be having a pool party tomorrow at Surf Dive ’n’ ski, Bondi Junga (12:30pm Saturday 8th November). Everyone is welcome to join in, so maybe shopping in the junction this weekend isn’t such a bad idea – surf doesn’t look flash?

Aquabumps Gallery Open

We are open all weekend 10am to 4pm as usual. I would like to say we’ve also got Lara Bingle and Ashley serving Gallery customers all day, but I would be lying. 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 8371.

Swimmercam, summer is back, Ashley

Wedge up the north end

Thin stretched clouds

Brand new day...still waves, windy

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  1. UGE, you better start snapping off pics of old, hairy men in budgies before someone accuses your ‘swimmercam’ series as sexist! NICE pic…

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