Noah, tucking in.


Everything has been washed with a pink tint this morning due to some cloud colours over the horizon. Like most days of this week, it’s warm, surfable, inviting, crowded. Hot weather will continue until a cooling southerly arrives Sunday. I’m heading to Hawaii today with the Aquatech crew, there’s a huge swell forecast for Sunday […]

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These colourful skies seem to be following me around the globe

Colour Binge

Whilst the wave department has failed this morning the sunrise department has stepped up a gear. Amazing skies. I’m having a good run of these colourful skies following me around the globe at the moment. A cool day ahead on land with a maximum of 18 degrees. The water is still pretty warm, I am […]

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Rip dip

Greetings. Rolled down the hill to have a look at Bondi and was greeted with some fun 2 footers. Finally some south swell is drip feeding into the bay with the potential of getting bigger as the day progresses. The world’s greatest bank had waves, but the rip switched on putting some chop on the […]

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Game on

Oh my, what a day. The sun is blaring and a new south swell is providing the goods @ 3-4 foot. Offshore all day (with variations of westerlies)…sound good eh? BUT Bondi just can’t handle most of the waves coming through and badly requires a decent bank – so many closeouts rolling in – shame. […]

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The sabbatical

I bet you didn’t think there was going to be waves this morning after checking the swell charts last night. Well, there is. Small ones from time to time dribbling into the bay (2 footers). Now I’m not saying its pumping nor should you drop your pencils and dash out the office…but if you find […]

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Bondi Gidgets

There are more girls surfing Bondi these days…more than ever…great to see. I reckon there was about a dozen Gidgets dominating the peak this morning. The world’s smallest surfable waves are on offer this morning. Super infrequent, but who cares when the weather is this good. You should do something in the water today – […]

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