Everything has been washed with a pink tint this morning due to some cloud colours over the horizon.

Like most days of this week, it’s warm, surfable, inviting, crowded.

Hot weather will continue until a cooling southerly arrives Sunday.

I’m heading to Hawaii today with the Aquatech crew, there’s a huge swell forecast for Sunday (triple head high), but it’s flanked with a devil wind (boooo). We’ll find something out of the wind – giant Waimea Shorey perhaps? The other side of the island will be working, which will be out of the winds.

This year we’re doing a lot of overseas adventures to keep your feed fresh. If you’ve been to Ibiza, what is your favourite place to stay (and we’re not into clubbing all night – just beautiful beaches and scenery. Heading there in late June).

Have a great weekend.

:: uge

The Icebergs, early


Aaron Crothers, foamie cruising


Sunrise, Bondi


After a hot night, busting to get in


Alex and Julia


6 thoughts on “Tints

  1. Not Ibiza but Mallorca (close by) visit Can Lis if you can, the old family home of Jorn Utzon (its still owned by the Utzons I think). They usually have an artist or architect in residence but open it up from time to time, you just need to email like 4 months in advance.. website and contact is http://canlis.dk/.

  2. Hello!
    I have heaps of Ibiza tips – it is a stunning place with amazing secret beaches and walks. Happy to share! You’ll capture the island beautifully.

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