Perth Standlick, making wine from water

The sabbatical

I bet you didn’t think there was going to be waves this morning after checking the swell charts last night. Well, there is. Small ones from time to time dribbling into the bay (2 footers). Now I’m not saying its pumping nor should you drop your pencils and dash out the office…but if you find some spare time today, maybe paddle around in the sunshine and soak it up. It’s a top notch day outside. 10 out of 10.

Uge’s Sabbatical

The next 4 weeks in Aquabumps land are going to be a little bit different. For 11 years I’ve been punching out these daily photo escapes religiously, no matter where I am in the world or whether I have internet accesses or not. We’ve been to many places together and had a good time in the Maldives, Fiji, Hawaii, Samoa, Europe, remote indo blah blah. The good times will continue to roll, but I am doing some travel in Indonesia and the Southern Atolls of Maldives for a month. YES YES YES, I am packing A (meaning one) camera. I won’t be travelling with pro surfers and maybe just 1 surfboard (I lie – 2). Why? Well…none of your business (only kiddin’)…just taking a lil’ rest. It does take around 3-4 hours to produce this 5-photo-2-paragraph-ramble daily – I am by no means saying I work too hard as I still think I have the best job in the world and love doing Aquabumps whilst refining my sun tan…it’s just a break. It’s me not you.

SO, there will be updates, sometimes from me, sometimes from some random bum down at Bondi, sometimes not at all. So thanks for your patience during this break, don’t go anywhere, and thanks for being a part of Aquabumps. I am sure you want to reply with a spray, humor or something clever, so do it here.

Adioso, Ugios.

PS – flat until sat. Ok maybe a 2 footer on Friday.

Ah yes, a turbo left set in the corner

Andy and THE thing.

Happy Julia, a consistent regular

Perth Standlick...can surf...can surf small waves

51 thoughts on “The sabbatical

  1. There is a fine line between getting sycophantic ‘come home’ messages and everyone forgetting about you FOREVER, thus ruining your business, relationships and whole life.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Have an awesome time. A well deserved break and I can’t wait for my daily emails to kick back in when you get back.
    Whoop Whoop, holidays!

  3. Will miss my daily 30 second escape from the office but I guess everyone deserves a break. Make sure it’s a good one

  4. take it easy uge – it must be your honeymoon eh?….bring back some of that travel inspiration to us when you return….southern atolls of the maldives – could you get any more isolated?

  5. Have an awesome time mate, i might start warning people around me of my forthcoming mood swings when i don’t receive that aquabump email in my inbox…but i know i know, i’ll deal with it cold turkey style.

  6. have fun uge! maybe I’ll even get outta bed early and take some photos myself…………ok yeah not gonna happen but the thought was there 🙂

  7. Lucky u Uge ….. just make sure you get the indo words correctly spelt or pronounced or else u may not return!
    BTW, we’re all jealous 🙁 Have FUN 🙂

  8. Hey Uge,
    It’s peeing and blowing here on the South Island (Tassie) again today so you go and have a great time in the sun and surf. Take a break, put your feet up and don’t feel the slightest bit guilty leaving us to our winter squalls. *Jealous mumbling over now* Have a fantastic time and a relaxing break. Take care.

  9. Uge,

    I’m envious man. Haven’t been able to get back to see Dharra, MIkey and the boys at Pasta Point for while in the Maldives and if you jump in their have a few for me ! Look forward to seeing some shots when you are back in Oz.

  10. If you get stuck on an island somewhere, go half crazy and start talking to a coconut called ‘Wilson’ can we get Will Ferrell to play you in the biopic of youe life ?

  11. Kick back, relax and sleep in! We’ll miss our daily Aqua bump, but will still be here (dying for a Uge fix to flash on our screen) when you get back… when’s that again?

  12. having a break away from all this technology and gadgetry,
    thats alright uge, i understand.
    i will accept a daily postcard in my snail mail box instead.
    my address is …

  13. Always enjoy the photos even though I ain’t a surfer !! but we all deserve a holiday !! Have a great time and look forward to you ramblings when you get back.

  14. Uge, getting your daily emails here in rainy England it makes me think you’re on holiday every day in perfect Bondi anyway. Cancel your flights and burn your hotel reservations, you’re staying where you are and will continue to brighten my british “summer” mornings or so help me I’ll come over there and live in your house while your away!

  15. Will miss my daily Bondi Fix from lonely ole Nz, its my only link! Enjoy your well deserved break. Definately the best job in the world!

  16. Hi Uge

    In your absence, I feel it is only right to step up to the mark and keep the dream alive for so many of the daily Aquabumps followers. I am happy to to take a daily photo and blog from my rain soaked, landlocked village in Stilton, England, home of Stilton cheese. Perhaps the odd wind ripple in the puddle will be enough to keep everyone hooked, I’m not sure?

    Have a good one and get a few for us surfers in the UK that hardly ever get to see the waves, being bogged down by work, land and shocking weather.

    Via Con Dios bro!

    Ian Mac

  17. We will miss your photo’s and crazy talk every day from rainy Holland! Have a great relaxing sabbath!! We are looking forward to more of your awesome work when you’re back.. Greetings from the dutchies

  18. its actually quite nice where i am in england today simon !!

    enjoy your break uge.. try get some updates in when your away.. make us jealous of your locations !!

  19. the sun is sunning in Somerset, UK…but we will miss our Bondi colours and enlightenment on the mac every morning…have a wonderful break and recharge those batteries behind your eyes!

  20. hey Uge, enjoy the break mate, the bay will be the same until your back with your daily yarns. Rip indo up bud 🙂

  21. now considering you brighten the lives of (how many?) people every week day, I reckon you deserve a break, take as long as you like but come back!

    1. Thanks Mike, we’ve got 35,000 subscribers now, and the website gets 120,000 uniques per month. (and now 13,000 on facebook!) wow. thanks all for tuning in and your nice comments. makes it all worth while. I am actually getting married – hence the 4 weeks off! seeya, uge

  22. I have been enjoying receiving my Aquabumps fix since it’s inception, love your incredible photography, the angles the travels, all the other goodies, and looking forward to your return with even more photos and stories. Have a great time and most of all a safe journey! Aloha !

  23. How will I get through my day?? I might just have to go through and read my old emails! (yes I keep them all). Have an amazing time. will be waiting with baited breath for my daily emails to return. 🙂

  24. Have a blast on your sabbatical! It’s going to be weird not getting your emails every night (I’m in Toronto, Canada, so it’s during my night that the emails usually come in). Although you are living my ideal vacation, I guess it’s only fair you have some time off to yourself! Enjoy yourself, and looking forward to your return!

  25. Uge

    Im not a super star surfer and hardly ever surf at bondi. I just really enjoy looking at your photos and usually check them out every day when i start work (even the ones without waves or surfing in them).

    Ill check in again in a months time and hopefully you will be back into it full swing…………YA LAZY BUM !!

    Enjoy your trip.


  26. have a great trip!

    I spent 4 years in and around bondi and still feel its my second home! Logging in from the Uk to aquabumps give that 30 seconds of escape to the Bondi vibe!

    looking forward to the pics when you are back!! In the mean time I’ll still be in my 5/4 on the north east coast UK!!!!!


  27. Us Bondites here in London will miss your updates while you’re gone Uge. Have an amazing time, enjoy yourself(ves) and shoot some awesome piccies to show us when you’re back! x

  28. Have a great time in those beautiful places Uge – and forget us for a while – you certainly deserve a break. I’ll really miss your dailies I must admit! But you’ve given me plenty of great images to keep me going. Thankyou! and ENJOY!!!

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