15.6 in the pool. wear a suit.


Like most of this week there isn’t a great deal going down at the moment. Today is probably even smaller and straighter that yesterday. Until the weekend you won’t be surfing a great deal…nice morning though. Go for a walk or join the polar bears in a swim. It’s 15.6 degrees in the Icebergs pool. That will give you a jolt into your day.


These days I see people rolling around with some impressive camera gear. At sunrise it’s great to see gangs of shooters finding their own vantage point. I can remember 11 years ago roaming around with a big lens and people thought I was shooting craters on the moon. Nowadays big lenses are everywhere. So what are you all doing with these images? Well send em into a comp and win some camera loot of course. Getty Images and Flickr are running a photo comp called “GRAB – Australian Life Captured“. I’m a judge…so show us life in Australia through your eyes. More info

Oggie. (that’s how Swedish backpackers pronounce my name in the gallery – makes me laugh every time)

PS – not leaving on the big sabbatical until the weekend.

Anthony Carroll from Bondi Rescue surfing a new break - Bondi

Just hanging out by the rail and my combi

another day, another chunk of cloud

One legged bandits

4 thoughts on “15.6

  1. Uge, I think the Swedish backpackers are onto something, Oggie is a sick nickname. Until you cleared it up on an email a few weeks back I would call out in the office “you guys seen ‘Ugg’s’ email today?” pronouncing it phonetically ‘Ugg’ as in Ugg Boot or short for Ugly – not suggesting anything there.. especially after seeing some of the girls in your photos… damn. Anyway, love the tilt shift technique you sometimes do.. very cool.


  2. I can definately imagine the frenchies say Ugg instead of Uge (Yooj)

    On a completely different subject I haven’t received the bulk email since the 19th of August. My mailbox is pretty sad 🙁 … Aquabumps techies, please help!!

    PS- Photo comp is only for Australian and NZ residents (sob)

  3. Merci ‘bumps techies: I guess you have changed something because I received the email today 🙂
    Also I checked Grab FAQ and the competition is actually open to EVERYONE! However only Australian and New Zealand residents are eligible to win 1st and 2nd place prizes (I don’t presume I would reach that level anyway :P) Cheers for letting us know about this comp ::uge… it will be interested to see what the participant come up with.
    Have a nice wedding/holiday! And come back quick because we need our Bondi fix at the office!! 😉

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