Rip dip

Greetings. Rolled down the hill to have a look at Bondi and was greeted with some fun 2 footers. Finally some south swell is drip feeding into the bay with the potential of getting bigger as the day progresses. The world’s greatest bank had waves, but the rip switched on putting some chop on the faces. That rip, which is obviously making the bank so good, is hard work – it’s like crossing a raging river. The wind is howling 30 knots offshore – hence the cold and blowing most of the swell out to sea.

Does anyone know why there were multiple Police vehicles parked at South Bondi all morning? Was that a forensic team as well or am I watching too much tele? I asked them, but they told me to check out the whales going past.

As a part of the Bondi winter festival the Beach Road Hotel is puttin’ on Wicked Wednesday Grub and Flick Nights – So if you like a steak, a pint and a surf flick all for 20 bones head down tonight.

It’s no secret, the Mentawai Islands off Sumatra are having the best season. From all skipper’s reports most tours are scoring 4-6 foot gems. Tengirri is now taking bookings for their 2012 trips and now is the time to book. (they normally book out a year in advance) Hit them up for some dates and get your buddies together anthony@tengirri.com

Adios :: uge

Perth Standlick hook


The left that just keeps on giving

Perth Standlick rip bowl rights

Phil Geur-box on his regular left


11 thoughts on “Rip dip

  1. Don’t know the reason for the police but did see one come into the carpark around 6.45 with lights and siren going – so something urgent was happening

    1. Yeah sorry about that Holly…I saw this morning for 2 hours against it – so I guess it’s top of mind. uge

  2. there were about 8 cops and one guy in cuffs…prolly a drunk boy who lost his way
    apart from that drama it was a beautiful morning down bondi

  3. Apparently thieves had broken into the carpark of the building where I live, (neighbours said this morning)… hope my car is still there :∫ … it’s actually, not the first time that happens… plus stolen wallet and clothes from car parked at the bondi carpark while I was surfing few months ago… not cool. I wonder if I can claim that as charity on this year tax return 🙂

    …good job UGE thx for all those beautiful images!

  4. Love, love, LOVE ‘Eye” and ‘Foamball’ from today’s shoot.

    Look forward to your photos everyday so keep em coming!

  5. Thanks guys for letting me dream 5 minutes everyday about this stunning beach. I was there not long ago and I’ll be there for a long time pretty soon. Ciao from Milan-Italy!!!!

  6. The dolphin nearly headbutted me coming down the wave at bronte. My mate john said he body surfed with them for two hours before 8 am . Maybe you could get snaps of those beasties if they are still around . I ll be there on my board to catch the swell and another chance to frollic with the big fish. Great day

  7. Oh my god these are incredible thankyou so much for sharing

    BONDI is the most beautiful place in the world

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