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Friday Swim Club

I clocked five k’s and 45 mins before snappin’ my first shot this morning (rare). That’s not good. That means we’re served up a mundane, vanilla flavour Bondi morning, and there’s not much to shoot. Typically, I’d shoot between 50 and 400 shots in a morning session. Only 10-12 make it to this post. I […]

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One Wave turns 8!


MMMMM, don’t ya just love it, howling onshore dark mornings at Bondi? Autumn is typically a surfers paradise with grooming offshores and fresh southerly swells – nah not this Autumn. There are waves in the 3-4 foot range (no one out), but that nemesis East wind has gotta go. It’s rattling all of us, even […]

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Grey times here in Bondi - all from the Northern storms

Gorillas in the mist

It was a drizzly, grey kinda beach morning. Not pretty – that didn’t stop a lot of crew heading down there. The holiday season is in the air. Finally, some new banks at Bondi and a large pack were enjoying lefts in the middle with this ENE swell. I’m glad that swell didn’t get as […]

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What? Good waves in the harbour? Yes, yesterday!

Harbour Surfing

Wow, that was a wild weekend! That rain dance worked, ’cause torrential rain floods our dry town. Combine the wet with gale-force winds and 10-foot waves you’ve got some interesting conditions. Yesterday: totally howling onshore at Bondi, if you sought refuge in the harbour you would have scored offshore, good overhead waves with 1,000 others. […]

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Collapse, Bondi

Moving Water

“Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Lots of noise from breaking water this morning as the swell has spiked into the 4-5 foot region. Even a few bay closeouts. But…it’s not lining up well at all and our delicate sand banks don’t […]

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Quite a different day to yesterday, Bondi 7:30am

3200 ISO

Incredibly dark morning…didn’t think it was even shootable until 7:30 am. The ISO was fully cranked. It’s onshore, 3 foot and surfable (and empty). Swell will kick up later today, but the onshores will continue. Watch the Quiky Pro Day 3 instead. :: uge

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Twin Peaks, sunny today? Really?


If you stood next to me this morning on the beach (in the rain)…and I told you it was going to be perfectly sunny and 27 degrees today, you’d think I was a can short of a six-pack. Well, it’s true (Sunshine, not that I’m a can short). It’s gonna happen. 10 am onwards is […]

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Really dark and gloomy morning, with a sprinkle of rain


Damn dark and gloomy down the beach this morning. #nonevent We’ve got junkie swells flanked with a southerly. Bondi look pretty wild with random, twisted, buckled peaks. Surfable…debatable. As I write this a ray of sunshine, 1st for the day has struck my keyboard. Alleluia. 1st bit of vitamin D I’ve seen since the Ments. : […]

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About the only sunshine I saw all morning

17 out of 20

It’s rained 17 days out of 20 this March in Sydney. This could be the wettest Sydney March on record. I hope your garden is thriving. Mine is. It’s actually just started raining again, as I type these fine words. Some activity ideas for a rainy day: Watch the Quicky Pro at Snapper – tick, […]

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Change is happening believe it or not. Ah huh…right now…the rain and dark skies are parting whilst the south swell machine has finally clicked out of neutral. Come back to the beach in a few hours and you will see glorious sunshine and 2-3 footers feeding in from a nice ground swell. Booya! Tomorrow looks […]

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In between rain squalls I took some photos down the beach this morning. Sometimes I only got 10 minutes reprieve to stick a lens out and try and some snap some gold for you. One of those downpours was like standing under a water fall. Heavy. My car is sparkling clean though…with all that crusty […]

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I’m not gonna talk about this filthy weather. Not one bit. I will mention that there is a little wave on today. Small, like 2-3 and infrequent, but rideable. Semi-fun. The rip right in the corner threw out the odd wave with some fruit on it. Patience was key. Valentine’s Day is early next week, […]

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There will be no mention of the weather today – as that’s all I’ve heard all morning. Let’s just say it’s not ideal for surfing or photography. Waves are 2-3 foot with barely anyone out. Ok, it’s extremely messy as well – but she’ll settle down and you’ll find a few later. Entries have closed […]

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