::Friday, July 30, 2004

Bondi 7am 2-3 foot, fat or closing outSimilar size to yesterday but less power. Small waves still breaking at Bondage from this south swell – but the shape isn’t really doing it. Most waves were weak fat burgers or sucky closeouts. Some sets up around head high and the pick of the spots was middle Bondage lefties. Wind: SW/SE 5/10 knots tending SE/NE later. High tide 06:54 Low tide 11:26. Over the weekend you will need to surf a south facing beach and expect 2 – 3 foot waves with light winds. Saturday better than Sunday.

After a few convos and emails, I retract my comments about the bull dozer on the beach being good for us surfers. I was wrong (eeck). The dozer creates a straighter beach – making it safer for swimmers (less rips) but crapola for surfers (no banks). Apparently the recent dozer fest was to make the beach level for the corporate tents of the City to Surf.(?)
Don’t forget www.snowbumps.com

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::Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bondi 7am – Bondi 2-3 foot, ava a playWe’ve got small, consistent south swell. You’ll need to surf a beach that faces south to find the fun stuff (e.g. Bondi, Curl Curl). Otherwise you’d think it’s quite flat. Perfectly clean lines, gentle offshores and clear skies creating great conditions for a bit of fun. It ain’t big, nor powerful, but Bondage had a couple of decent sets worth a carve (lil’ bit fat though). Wind: SW 8/13 knots turning S/SE in the afternoon. Chilly day with a top of 17 degrees.

Big thanks to Damon Pezaro for lending his Canon 300D to me whilst my gear gets sorted. Thank you to the other 7 people who offered their camera gear as well.
Aquabumps has been cranking lately, and so has the snow…so we’ve given birth to SNOWBUMPS. Yep, same concept as Aquabumps, great photos of the snow emailed to you FREE (only once a week, not daily) . So if you are interested in subscribing to the SNOWBUMPS mailing list, just go to www.snowbumps.com. My brother (Maddoggie) is running the show and check out his first report: http://www.snowbumps.com/reports/2004/July29/index.html Snow going off – much better than the surf…don’t miss out.
They’re doing some heart felt things down at Jackie’s Bar. Every Thursday evening from 6.30 – 7.30 beer and wine will cost what you want to pay! The bonus is that all the proceeds from the hour are then donated to the local Autistic school in Wairoa Avenue . You can have a drink at one of Bondi’s great bars, and do some good. www.jackies-restaurant-and-bar.com
Sorry for the long email. Enough ramble. Adios.

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::Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2-3 foot fun wavesQuite liked what I saw this morning. Some really fun waves around shoulder to head high – both left and rights at Bondi. Quite a few surfers out for the early enjoying perfectly clear skies, clean conditions and a gentle chilly offshore breeze. Bondi should be similar for the next few days. (small and fun). Only south facing beaches will be working. Wind: W/SW 7/12 knots, tending 15/20 knots offshore in the evening. Water temp: 17 High tide 17:07 Low tide 10:22

No big camera today due to maintenance and mods. Just the little toy pocket cam with no zoom (hence the shots miles away from the action). If anyone has a Canon 10D, Canon 1D or Canon 300D they would like to lend to me for 1 week – it would be greatly appreciated. (Just need the body, got lenses). The surf Gods will love you for it!
The best thing about all this chilly weather is we’ve got a cranking snow season. Our friends at Marritz Alpine, Perisher are offering a special 10% off deal for all Aquabumpies that want to stay at this top notch lodge. I stayed there last year and it rocks! Click on the banner below:

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::Monday, July 26, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2 foot and weak, no one outLong time between reports…and even today’s report rolls up into your inbox late. Sorry.

The surf was clean and small this morning at Bondi (1 – 2 foot). Only 2 guys out at 7am, and it wasn’t really breaking that great as it looked pretty fat and weak (Bondi mini burgers). The 8am high tide would have been hiding anything decent (even though 1 of my photos looks like it better than it actually was). Low tide is at 3pm today and somewhere in between it may improve.
Not sure if you’ve noticed, but a huge bull dozer has been digging up Bondi beach lately. It seems he is leveling the beach after the recent violent south storms eroded parts of the beach. In theory this is great for surfers as he moves sand closer to the waters edge – I am hoping they will form decent sand banks for the next month.
Soul Rider Film Festival – North Bondi RSL Super soulful screenings from the roots of surf, skate & snowboard culture are showing at North Bondi RSL on the next two Thursday nights. It only costs $5 to go so check it out. Here are the next 2 sessions:

Session 2 Skate Flicks – July 29th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm ( Bones Brigade Video Show + Dogtown & Z-Boys_
Session 3 Surf flicks – August 5th from 7:30pm – 9:30pm ( The Innermost Limits + Morning of the Earth)

For more info check out the Aquabumps noticeboard.
All shots taken on a Canon Ixus I today as I am getting modifications to my waterhousing at the moment.

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::Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Bondi 7:30am – 3-4 foot and looking goodLooking pretty good this morning. The wind was gently blowing offshore (SW) and the surf has cleaned up overnight. Some really good waves at Bondi and only a handful of guys braving the super chilly conditions. Bondi had large chunks of beach missing which is great – we have banks. Yeha! High tide 10:51 Low 16:22 – best get out there on the incoming tide. Enjoy. Southerly winds this arvo. Friday and Saturday look like 3 foot fun to me too…all good.

Wanted…beach BUM’s. Need a new, kick ass job in the surf industry??? Our good friends at beach culture are looking for intelligent, successful, entrepreneurial inclined beach BUM’s who want to work bloody hard and make lots of money running their own beach/surf lifestyle shop or women’s SWIM emporium. More info

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::Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bondi 8am – 5/6 foot, out of control stillThe ocean has calmed down a little this morning. Finally those near cyclonic onshore winds have backed off and we have an offshore blowing this morning. Our recent storm had so much force that it’s gonna take a little while for this ocean to settle down. No one out at Bondi. You’d have to be mad keen to cop a few large sets on the head – very unpredictable. Every now and again a big bump out the back would look surfable – but the price too high for me, you’d spend most of your time paddling. Stay in those uggies by the heater until she calms down. Wind: S/SW 20/30 knots easing to 15/20 knots in afternoon Water 18c. Tomorrow looks surfable.

Aquabumps now has 8,650 subscribers combining people from all over the world; surfers – non surfers, beach lovers, morning walkers, fashion gurus, oil rig workers, beachbums… Michael Alvisse, a furniture designer in Surry hills and keen Aquabumpian creates beautiful modern furniture with his business partner Marc Schamburg. Their company called schamburg + Alvisse are having a sale at the moment, so why not have a little look. Click the banner below to see the deals:

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::Monday, July 19, 2004

Bondi 7:50am – Big chunks, 6 – 8 foot total messHiya all…6 – 8 footers are pounding our coastline at the moment. Gale force southerly winds tearing through the swell leaving the world’s biggest washing machine. It’s a total write off; your board would probably blow out of your hands before you could get to the water. Looks like the swell peaked yesterday and has begun its decline. Good thing about weather like this is we may get some decent sand banks forming. Next decent surf will be Wednesday when things calm down in this angry ocean. Forget surfing and maybe try finding the lid to the BBQ in your neighbor’s yard.

Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lou Jones! Good party on Saturday – got a few party snaps. View Ness’s shots, View Christian’s shots.
Rug up. Adios.

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::Friday, July 16, 2004

Bondi 7am 2 – 3 foot, fun and straightOnce again we’re blessed with another sensational sunny morning, light offshore breezes, glassy water surface and a south east swell managing to pump out a few fun ones. Same story as the past few days – no banks so waves are pretty much shutting down before you get to do anything. Frosty morning, steam was coming off my wetsuit when I took it off in the car park.
Tsubi are having a garage sale this weekend, July Sat 17 & Sun 18, 10am – 4pm, Level 2, 113 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills. So if you’re looking a little daggy lately (e.g. Jamie Verco), kit yourself out with some new duds…their jeans rock…best fit.

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::Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bondi 7am 2- 3 foot, clean and funWhat a beautiful day…Clean conditions with offshore breezes and glorious sunshine. One important ingredient missing – sand banks. This means the 2-3 footers are still breaking quite straight at Bondi or not breaking at all. Near the southern end a few crew were enjoying a fast leftie, Wal, as usual was flying around place. So you’ll find fun waves at beaches facing this east swell, get out there and enjoy a few – its still fun. Surf dropping for tomorrow, and will stay small until Sunday where strong winds will stir something up again. Big surf (8ft+) on Monday, but at this stage onshore winds and rain predicted.

Wind:SW 5/10 knots, tending E to NE 5/10 knots in afternoon. Weather: Dry, mostly sunny 18 degreesWater temp: 18 degreesTides: High 06:51 Low 12:21
Flake Film Festival returnsEntries for the 2004 festival are NOW OPEN! Surf, Snow, Skate, Drama, Comedy, Documentary, animation – any type of film – must be shorter than 10 minutes. ENTRIES CLOSE AUGUST 27th, 2004Prizes include CASH, SNOW/SURF gear, Digi Video equipment and other cool stuff. Screenings start September.
GO TO WWW.SNOWFM.COM.AU for entry form and details or call festival director – Anthony Chook Trovatello 02 6457 1311- 0412 294 268 – Email [email protected]

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::Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bondi 7am, 2 foot, nothing special – funAnother chilly morning with gentle offshore breezes and a deteriorating swell. Yep, it’s dropped again leaving us 2 footers at Bondi. The sun is shining, and there are still some little fun waves to be had. Not much happening for the rest of the week so I would be making the most of it. Bit rusty with the waterhousing today – need practice (blame cold water). 11:37 Low tide today. Weather: Sunny Max 19. Wind: West to southwest 5/10 knots, freshening to southwest 10/15 knots this evening.

Clean Beach Challenge ————————————————————————–The Clean Beach Challenge is a free to enter community based competition enhancing beach communities and the environment by promoting initiative, pride and environmental awareness.
The program acknowledges beaches that exemplify best practice in areas such as visitor facilities, litter prevention, community action and resource conservation.
The deadline for entries is Friday 23rd July and have a look at www.kabnsw.org.au or email Chris Tola on [email protected] for more details. 

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::Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2 – 3 foot, nice morning
Well we’ve been blessed with some great conditions over the past couple of days. Sydney winters rock! Swell has declined overnight leaving us with 2 – 3 footers at Bondi this morning. Conditions are perfectly clean, swell is lining up, and the crowds levels are low. Bondi is badly needing those sand banks, mostly still closing out. I suspect with the dropping tide the close outs will get worse (low tide is 10:53 today). High tide 17:53. Get out there before this swell fades even more. Loads of reports that yesterday was going off all day – great…I didn’t get wet at all. Violins please…
Wind: South to southwest 10/15 knots. Sea: 1 metre Swell: SE 1.5 metres. Weather: Dry,mostly sunny 18
COOL STUFF – Interested in Filmmaking?
Talk and Short Films from Hugh Ballantyne…Wed 14th
Wed 14 July from 6pm at the Art Gallery of NSW – hear renowned Sydney -based drama and documentary filmmaker Hugh Ballantyne offer insights into the creative and technical processes behind his unique approach to filmmaking. Offering advice for budding filmmakers on how to get started, he will also screen four of his short films.
Tickets are $25 – Aquabumps group booking price of 5 tickets for $100!
For bookings call the Art Gallery of NSW on 9225 1878 or visit http://www.artgallerysociety.org.au/newsletter-contempo.asp?id=176

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::Monday, July 12, 2004

Bondi 7am – 3-4 foot solid, closing out After a weekend of chunky large east swell we are left with nice clean head high waves (occasionally bigger). Bondage badly needs sand banks as most of what I saw this morning was closing out – I would definitely hunt around and you shall score. Mid to north Bondi had a couple okish waves if you managed to pick the right ones. Frosty morning with gentle offshores, sunshine and clean lines. Somewhere is going off. Low tide 10:10 High tide 16:54. Wind: West to southwest 5/10 knots. Sea: 0.5 to 1 metre. Swell: SE 1.5 Weather: Dry, mostly sunny. 19 degrees

Bad news – surfer killed on Saturday by large shark at Left handers (Margaret river – Western Australia – 124 miles south of Perth ). 29 year old Bradley Smith was surfing with a mate when two sharks attacked, biting him around the torso region. Witnesses say one shark was 5 metres in length and the other 3 metres. There have been 625 shark attacks since 1791 in Australia, 187 of them fatal. The last fatality in West Oz was only 4 years ago at North Cottesloe.
Bondi board riders comp was postponed yesterday due to unfavorable conditions (closeouts). I will keep you informed of the next comp.

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::Friday, July 09, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2-3 ft, bit messyBit mediocre this morning with head-high messy waves. If you’re patient you would find the odd set wave connecting through at Bondi, but I wouldn’t get too excited. Not many crew out for a change – early morning frosty conditions keeping most crew in bed.

Currently the winds are 15/20 knots of southerly which will swing around to the east blowing 10/15 knots this afternoon. Tomorrow looking much better with decent east swell and northerly winds.
Wintery day today with a maximum of 19 degrees and rain (I’m getting European summer blues). High tide is 14:21 and low tide 07:57. The ‘Let’s Go Surfing…’ power groms (green rashies) were out there this morning ripping it up. Always good to watch.
Bondi boardriders comp is on this Sunday and it looks like there will be a few waves around. I will be down there taking some snaps, so if you’re keen…just meet at the skate ramp at 8am on Sunday. Everyone is welcome!

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::Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bondi 7am – 4 foot, extremely chilly offshore winds
Hola Amigos! Have returned from a sensational European vacation…found some tiny waves at a couple Spanish beaches, but generally hung out and did what the locals do (drink + sleep + eat). Chiara (swimmer cam) from Italy proved very popular with the Aquabumps crew.
In stark contrast to Europe’s heat wave, Bondi was freezing this morning with frosty offshore winds and decent 4 foot waves. Few people out as the water temp is around 17 degrees. Best surf now before the winds swing onshore.
Wind: Thursday until midnight: West to southwest 15/25 knots, tending south to southwest 20/30 knots in the morning and reaching 30/35 knots chiefly offshore in the afternoon. Easing to southerly 15/20 knots in the evening.
Swell is on the increase but the onshore winds will be making a mess of things. Rug up, have a great day…

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