::Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2 – 3 foot, nice morning
Well we’ve been blessed with some great conditions over the past couple of days. Sydney winters rock! Swell has declined overnight leaving us with 2 – 3 footers at Bondi this morning. Conditions are perfectly clean, swell is lining up, and the crowds levels are low. Bondi is badly needing those sand banks, mostly still closing out. I suspect with the dropping tide the close outs will get worse (low tide is 10:53 today). High tide 17:53. Get out there before this swell fades even more. Loads of reports that yesterday was going off all day – great…I didn’t get wet at all. Violins please…

Wind: South to southwest 10/15 knots. Sea: 1 metre Swell: SE 1.5 metres. Weather: Dry,mostly sunny 18

COOL STUFF – Interested in Filmmaking?

Talk and Short Films from Hugh Ballantyne…Wed 14th
Wed 14 July from 6pm at the Art Gallery of NSW – hear renowned Sydney -based drama and documentary filmmaker Hugh Ballantyne offer insights into the creative and technical processes behind his unique approach to filmmaking. Offering advice for budding filmmakers on how to get started, he will also screen four of his short films.

Tickets are $25 – Aquabumps group booking price of 5 tickets for $100!
For bookings call the Art Gallery of NSW on 9225 1878 or visit http://www.artgallerysociety.org.au/newsletter-contempo.asp?id=176

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