::Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bondi 7am, 2 foot, nothing special – fun
Another chilly morning with gentle offshore breezes and a deteriorating swell. Yep, it’s dropped again leaving us 2 footers at Bondi. The sun is shining, and there are still some little fun waves to be had. Not much happening for the rest of the week so I would be making the most of it. Bit rusty with the waterhousing today – need practice (blame cold water). 11:37 Low tide today. Weather: Sunny Max 19. Wind: West to southwest 5/10 knots, freshening to southwest 10/15 knots this evening.

Clean Beach Challenge
The Clean Beach Challenge is a free to enter community based competition enhancing beach communities and the environment by promoting initiative, pride and environmental awareness.

The program acknowledges beaches that exemplify best practice in areas such as visitor facilities, litter prevention, community action and resource conservation.

The deadline for entries is Friday 23rd July and have a look at www.kabnsw.org.au or email Chris Tola on ctola@kabnsw.org.au for more details. 

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