::Friday, July 30, 2004

Bondi 7am 2-3 foot, fat or closing out
Similar size to yesterday but less power. Small waves still breaking at Bondage from this south swell – but the shape isn’t really doing it. Most waves were weak fat burgers or sucky closeouts. Some sets up around head high and the pick of the spots was middle Bondage lefties. Wind: SW/SE 5/10 knots tending SE/NE later. High tide 06:54 Low tide 11:26. Over the weekend you will need to surf a south facing beach and expect 2 – 3 foot waves with light winds. Saturday better than Sunday.

After a few convos and emails, I retract my comments about the bull dozer on the beach being good for us surfers. I was wrong (eeck). The dozer creates a straighter beach – making it safer for swimmers (less rips) but crapola for surfers (no banks). Apparently the recent dozer fest was to make the beach level for the corporate tents of the City to Surf.(?)

Don’t forget www.snowbumps.com

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