::Thursday, July 08, 2004

Bondi 7am – 4 foot, extremely chilly offshore winds
Hola Amigos! Have returned from a sensational European vacation…found some tiny waves at a couple Spanish beaches, but generally hung out and did what the locals do (drink + sleep + eat). Chiara (swimmer cam) from Italy proved very popular with the Aquabumps crew.

In stark contrast to Europe’s heat wave, Bondi was freezing this morning with frosty offshore winds and decent 4 foot waves. Few people out as the water temp is around 17 degrees. Best surf now before the winds swing onshore.

Wind: Thursday until midnight: West to southwest 15/25 knots, tending south to southwest 20/30 knots in the morning and reaching 30/35 knots chiefly offshore in the afternoon. Easing to southerly 15/20 knots in the evening.

Swell is on the increase but the onshore winds will be making a mess of things. Rug up, have a great day…

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