::Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bondi 7am – 2-3 foot fun waves
Quite liked what I saw this morning. Some really fun waves around shoulder to head high – both left and rights at Bondi. Quite a few surfers out for the early enjoying perfectly clear skies, clean conditions and a gentle chilly offshore breeze. Bondi should be similar for the next few days. (small and fun). Only south facing beaches will be working. Wind: W/SW 7/12 knots, tending 15/20 knots offshore in the evening. Water temp: 17 High tide 17:07 Low tide 10:22

No big camera today due to maintenance and mods. Just the little toy pocket cam with no zoom (hence the shots miles away from the action). If anyone has a Canon 10D, Canon 1D or Canon 300D they would like to lend to me for 1 week – it would be greatly appreciated. (Just need the body, got lenses). The surf Gods will love you for it!

The best thing about all this chilly weather is we’ve got a cranking snow season. Our friends at Marritz Alpine, Perisher are offering a special 10% off deal for all Aquabumpies that want to stay at this top notch lodge. I stayed there last year and it rocks! Click on the banner below:

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