Rock Envy

It’s not really happening around here today. The swell has dwindled, the winds are howling and it’s raining. Sydney is like a toggle switch, either belting hot or stormy cool. Not much in between.
Once place I know I’d like to be today is Hawaii. The North Shore of Oahu is about to explode with a new, huge, rogue swell just in time for the comp at Sunset beach. Here is a quote from Surfline’s forecast for tomorrow “SWELL/SURF: 15-20’+ faces at Sunset. Max sets even larger and up to 22-25′ faces.”
I will be over there soon…real soon…and I’m staying a while. Enjoy these photos taken on past trips to the Rock.
Christmas time is mental around Aquabumps (and we love that, don’t get me wrong). Seeing most of our gallery artworks are custom-made-to-order we need plenty of time to create your artwork. All artworks are handmade, one-by-one. This level of craftsmanship takes time and we only use the best of the best materials. Our production team would greatly appreciate your orders in early to avoid any disappointment.
In a nutshell if you allow the following time frames you can’t go wrong:

Framed works – 2-3 weeks view catalogue
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Ok, enough reading. Bye ::uge

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Everyone has caught wind of yesterday’s pumping waves and hit the beach this morning. Unfortunately it’s dropped off quite a lot. There’s chest high waves in the area, it’s just pretty fat with the 5am high tide. A dropping tide may reveal something more interesting.
Being in the water was pretty special regardless.
I’ve been using Canon cameras since I was a knee high whipper. They’ve also been a very supportive partner to Aquabumps for many years…well last week they announced 12 Canon Master Photographers and I was lucky enough to be one of them. So what does a Canon Master do? Well my kids now all wear Canon branded red clothes, a limo picks me up in the morning to go shooting whilst my Sherpa’s carry all my gear down to the shoreline. Ok maybe not, but if you want to see what gear I use go here.
Mate of mine, Trev, is renting his beautiful beach house at Avalon. He’ll even throw in a Aquabumps Book if you stay a week.

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This morning I swam with my camera for about 3 hours with 3 very talented surfers in some decent waves.
Julian Wilson, Sam Mac and Blake Thornton charged a rare wedgey peak from sunrise…oh boy…what a day, unshackle from the desk for an hour or so and enjoy.
I will let the images do all the talking this morning.
Bye :: uge

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This morning Bondi Beach looked horrible…onshore, 4-6 foot, wet. Didn’t see anyone surfing so I ventured inland…yeah I know, crazy huh? I ended up at Watson’s Bay Camp Cove. Camp Cove is a nice little harbour side beach. It’s quiet. It’s the end of the road before hitting the opening to Sydney harbour so it feels isolated. Famous people live here…film directors, advertising legends, property developers, shopping centre owners and even Bondi’s version of David Hasselhoff has a fair chunk of beach frontage. If you haven’t been, go…it’s real nice…good luck getting a car park as most of the suburb is locked down for local residents only.
Doing your Christmas shopping? How about an acrylic desk block from our Aquabumps Gallery. We have around 60 in stock at the moment but can easily custom print any of my images for you and get it made in time for Chrissy (if you order REALLY soon). They cost $250…good to freight overseas (weighing around 3kgs) and they come in our fancy hand made boxes. No…no steak knives. See
Had a long chat with Osher Gunserberg last week and he recorded the lot and made it into a podcast. Listen in here to see what two guys can ramble on about after 2 java hits.
The surf looks good tomorrow…dang.
 : : u g e

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Hey folks. Hope you had a good weekend. Kinda interesting morning…the inbound swell has just arrived and showing promise. Amazing what difference a few hours can make…it turned on for a bit there this morning. It went a little bit like this…

6 a.m. Fun 1-2 foot waves.
8 a.m. Picked up to 3-4 foot and pumping. So fun, so glassy, so sunny, so damn empty! I had to get out there and sample a few, only 2 guys out when I got there.
9 a.m. the southerly started to blow and it switched off. Back to work.

Christmas is creeping up on us and our custom order deadlines are approaching. Come into the Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 02 9130 7788 or view our catalogue online now. We delivery anywhere in the world pretty much!
:: uge

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Cat and Dog

The beach didn’t look very appealing this morning. It won’t stop raining. That pushed me inland to shoot odd things around Bondi.
The water is full of storm water gunk and the weed has taken over. There was a little righthander amongst all this…but I wouldn’t ditch work for it.
ENE swell all weekend, 3 foot and short period (choppy and weak). Patchy weather…with a few clouds here and there. Sunday looks good for the beach.
A friend of mine, Melli, is selling his Manly crib. Now this ain’t just any old pad…this absolute beach front paradise is about as good as beach living gets…if only it was on the right side of the bridge (only joking kids – don’t get your back up). Check out the drone footage on the video link…oh boy, what a spot! Dream here
Christmas is knocking on the door and you only have a few weeks of shopping. If you want artwork from our gallery you need to allow 2-3 weeks to make it. Our new book is in stock and walking out the door, I’m so happy with how it turned out. Oh, and we do gift cards and we are getting a fresh batch of Havaianas x Aquabumps thongs for this weekend – come! Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 9130 7788.

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I love shooting the mornings. It’s such a good time of day. It’s a fresh start and I’m addicted to the warm hues found in the wee hours.
There is such a good vibe in the mornings. Everyone is so damn happy. I guess it’s the only time we don’t have our mobile phones on and the pressures of a busy working day. Great to see so many smiling faces before 7am.
If you’re not a morning person (I’m not naturally either) you can switch…just commit to a week’s worth of sunrise alarms and you will be there. Promise.
The waves are tiny and the skies grey…but it so good in the water as we head into a warm day (25).
Have you purchased our new book yet? Oh man I am so proud of it. Best thing I’ve ever made. We delivery anywhere in Australia for $25…overseas? No problem. The Fedex guy visits us daily for pickups.
Ciao :: ugio

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intensely hued

Howzitgoing? What a nice start to the day. Usually when the weather changes there are amazing sunrises. Today proves that theory. The colours were off the hook and today is developing into a stunner. Let’s all leave our desks and go for a swim or surf.
Oh and the surf ain’t bad either. Knee to chest high Bondi…looking clean as a whistle at sunrise.

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It’s much nicer down the beach since the rain stopped.
There are waves, 3-4 footers, but they’re pretty random and a tad messy. It’s mainly a windswell with a 7 second wave period.
Tomorrow will be better…
It’s scary to think that Christmas is only 5 weeks away. How about that…where did this year go? If you want books and artwork from the Aquabumps Gallery you’ll need to slip into gear and get ordering – especially if you’re overseas. Frames take 2-3 weeks to make and we can delivery worldwide – See artwork catalogue. Our new book is walking out the door…secure your copy online now.
Villa Kaizen Bali, a new villa in Seminyak are offering Aquabumps readers 10% off their rates for any bookings made before the end of December. How generous of them? Check out the villa.
: : u g e

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These grey, wet, windy mornings are hard work. Trying to take a photo without getting your gear wet is a real challenge, let alone shoot something interesting.
The beach was a mess and deserted. Looked like a winters day. The southerly will blow for today and tomorrow, but clean up on Wednesday. Work now play later in the week I say.
Thanks to Channel 9 News and their story on Aquabumps we have a pile of new people reading this daily photo update. Welcome to you all! The aerial shots in this post were taken from the Channel 9 helicopter on Friday around the Northern Beaches.
The new Aquabumps book “The Beach Blog” that we launch last week is selling fast. Secure your copy. We are getting a lot of emails from overseas asking why it’s $100 in freight costs (e.g. London/New York)…well…it’s a huge book and weighs a hefty 5 kilograms. We looked into overseas warehousing and it just wasn’t worth it. We don’t mark up our freight and use Fedex for most countries (not slow post) – so you will get it fast and intact. The summary of the story – it will be worth it when you get the book! Promise. Australia wide freight is only $25. Order one now
Cheers :: uge

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The Beach Blog

Hey guys, kinda patchy morning. Sunshine one minute, raining the next. One thing is consistent and that’s the small surf. It’s only 1-2 foot and very weak. The water is really warm though. Sample it for yourself. More swell coming next week…
The biggest news since the birth of Spike (my no.2 son)…the 2nd Aquabumps Book has arrived! Yes, 2 years in design and 15 years of photography has now been launched in one (heavy) slick Aquabumps book called “The Beach Blog”. Thank you to the 500 crew that rocked up to the gallery last night and celebrated our launch. Amazing night. Special thank you to Corona, Amelia Park Wines, Rekorderlig and Harris Farm for generously putting on the fluids and cheese. So friends, you can order your copy online right now or pop into the Bondi Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. Overseas? No probs…we are Fedex’ing copies all over the globe daily. Just add a book to your shopping cart online and the freight will be calculated on the spot…bingo!

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The good waves of yesterday are wasting away and there was only a couple feet to work with. It was a bright sunny morning with all the ingredients of a sensational beach day. Go for a swim as the weather will change slightly tomorrow.
Next week has waves. Good for this time of year which is normally tiny.
Harris Farm has finally opened up in Bondi – hooray! You’ll find them in the new Boheme development on Hall Street (right near Messina).
Until tomorrow, :: uge

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Let’s not muck around. The waves have turned on and fields are full of clover!
I saw so many good waves this morning. People getting barreled, nice tight pockets, wally sections, golden sunshine, warm water…think you get my drift.
Most beaches had something fun to surf – seeya! :: uge

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I followed big wave legend Mark Mathews down to his little slab this morning hoping there would be something worth shooting. It was ok, super wonky but still big and chunky. Some waves were doing it, but they needed a tow to get down them.
Tomorrow should be fun when the sun comes back out.
Ciao :: uge

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It was bound to happen one of these days. Rain that is. I mean we can’t go a whole year without a drop. My garden was looking a little singed so a day like this is a welcome sight. Jet and I went down the beach this morning and it was horrible for shooting/surfing/playing trains so we retreated back to the house and dragged out some archived gold for your daily enjoyment.
I’ve barely traveled this year so flicking through 12-15 foot Pipe photos has given me seriously itchy feet!
I bring two pieces of good news:

The winds look good over the next few days and there is plenty of swell with this storm. Yes, surf tomorrow!
Harris Farm has just opened up at the new Boheme development (Old Hakoah Club) on Hall street, Bondi beach. It’s amazing and long overdue! Imagine getting fresh produce in Bondi and not paying $10 for an apple?

There is a full time job going at the Aquabumps Gallery for a new Production Manager. Read this job description for more information and instructions on applying.
: : u g e

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H A V I x A B

After a few stormy days earlier in the week we have defaulted back to summer gold.
This morning was real nice. One of those days where people say to me all morning “How good is this!”
I couldn’t agree more.
The water was warm, calm and the odd chest high wave. Good for a mal.
It’s Friday so the Fluoro guys were out in force.
Last night we launched the collaboration between Aquabumps and Havaianas. Yes, we have our own Aquabumps thong featuring one of my aerial images and it’s been super popular. You can buy them in the Aquabumps Gallery this weekend or online at Havis – go here for details
Cheers, :: uge

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The waves have gone back to small and the crowds were up enjoying the incredible weather. Nice morning wasn’t it?
Today it’s going to hit 30 degrees and there ain’t a cloud in the sky – that’s all you really need to know and should be packing up your desk and hitting the beach right now.
In 3 weeks’ time there will be a benefit concert at The Factory Theatre Marrickville to help raise money for suicide prevention (BeyondBlue) and a local Bondi family that recently lost their mother, Phoebe Black. Please help support this great cause and see legends such as Skunkhour and the boys from COG perform. The event is on the 27th November 2013 and go here for more information
The lifeguards haven’t found the lost swimmer yet. It’s a tragedy. Those two swimmers were swept off the bank in the middle in waist deep water. It’s imperative that swimmers stick to the flagged areas of the beach…it’s just so sad and the rips currently at Bondi are incredibly strong. Some of the worst I’ve seen.
The end :: uge

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By 6:30am I had already been to Cronulla and back stalking waves. It’s a tricky day…too big for Bondi and closing out…Bronte looked fun but a bit full (too much south in it)… totally missing Maroubra…too south and small for the Cape….but hang on…a couple of lil’ nuggets at the local K-Bay with the incoming tide.
Taj Burrow is in town and he showed us how to drop into a few chunky nuggets.
Vie Active are still offering 20% off for all Aquabumps readers. Just enter Aquabumps20 in the final stages of checkout. website
: : u g e

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Sad news in Bondi. Two young Japanese guys went for a swim at 5:30pm last night and only one returned. The rescue was in full swing last night, 2 helicopters, 2 jet skis and a police boat scouring the bay looking for the lost swimmer. I saw them still looking for him this morning. Still no news.
Swimming on those big swell days is so dangerous. So much water moving…
I didn’t really see anyone surfing the rogue ocean this morning. A couple out at Bronte but it looked very average. Need to wait until the winds swing and the ocean cleans up.
A great day to catch up on work. Just like winter. Thursday is sunny and 30 degrees. Now that sounds promising.
: : u g e

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The last 24 hours have been pretty crazy. Yesterday Sydney sweltered under oven-like conditions – the masses hit the beach. Then last night a cooling south change hit hard – bringing 30 knot winds and a new south (messy) swell. What next?
This morning was totally blown out down the beach. I didn’t see any surfing, just a lone windsurfer out at Bondi. The waves are 4-5 foot though so when this wind finally backs off there should be some fun.
Aquabumps x Havaianas
Yes it is true! we have joined forces with Havaianas and created a limited edition thong for this summer featuring one of my aerial shots. Read all about it here. We’ll be selling them in the gallery this weekend (but available at all good stores)
I did a walk around the Scultpure by the Sea yesterday with 4 million other people. Here some shots…

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SurfAid Cup

Today’s update comes from the glorious sand dunes of Curl Curl Beach…where the SurfAid Cup is going down.
The Aquabumps Team is progressing to the semis as I write this…but the competition is stiff.
Special thanks to all that supported our team by donating money. We raised $12,000 for charity which is incredible!
There are 2 foot waves up here at Curly…it’ real messy and not coping on the low tide…
The tide has gone out with our Italian friends (Peroni)…and the Mexicans are back – yes, Corona…they’re the offical beer for Aquabumps from today. Welcome amigos…
Have a great weekend ::uge

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