Heading out into the morning light at Bondi circa 6:15am


Everyone has caught wind of yesterday’s pumping waves and hit the beach this morning. Unfortunately it’s dropped off quite a lot. There’s chest high waves in the area, it’s just pretty fat with the 5am high tide. A dropping tide may reveal something more interesting.

Being in the water was pretty special regardless.

I’ve been using Canon cameras since I was a knee high whipper. They’ve also been a very supportive partner to Aquabumps for many years…well last week they announced 12 Canon Master Photographers and I was lucky enough to be one of them. So what does a Canon Master do? Well my kids now all wear Canon branded red clothes, a limo picks me up in the morning to go shooting whilst my Sherpa’s carry all my gear down to the shoreline. Ok maybe not, but if you want to see what gear I use go here.

Mate of mine, Trev, is renting his beautiful beach house at Avalon. He’ll even throw in a Aquabumps Book if you stay a week.


Blake Thornton spraying the boys, Bondi 7am

Sam Annear - determined

Australian's next top model, Jeremy Bull

This board just want to go...

Tyler Atkins, wallet hunting

Isabelle - she rips

John Adams - can nearly see his house in the background


La Sage, floater

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