Last night's rescue looking for the lost swimmer, Bondi


Sad news in Bondi. Two young Japanese guys went for a swim at 5:30pm last night and only one returned. The rescue was in full swing last night, 2 helicopters, 2 jet skis and a police boat scouring the bay looking for the lost swimmer. I saw them still looking for him this morning. Still no news.

Swimming on those big swell days is so dangerous. So much water moving…

I didn’t really see anyone surfing the rogue ocean this morning. A couple out at Bronte but it looked very average. Need to wait until the winds swing and the ocean cleans up.

A great day to catch up on work. Just like winter. Thursday is sunny and 30 degrees. Now that sounds promising.

: : u g e

Bronte's sculpture by the sea, Bronte UFO

Bronte Pool

Dangerous currents, Bronte

Bronte pool lanes

Old doorway

Miss Antarctica's car fully loaded

8 thoughts on “S E A R C H

  1. Love the UFO shot Uge! I was wondering how long the exposure was? Was it using a ND filter?

    Great news about Haviana and the new book – I can’t wait!

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