Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We’ve had a good run down at Bondi with regards to waves. Today there are waves, surfable, 3 foot sets, but mainly closing out straight. Perfect autumn conditions prevail – SW offshores, frosty 19 degree max. This south swell is to fade a bit in the afternoon. High tide 11:30am, low tide 4:45pm.

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Soul Riders Tonight | 7:30pm North Bondi RSL Paradox PremiereStandard Films presents their latest snowboard film ‘Paradox’, blend of freestyle and big mountain snowboarding in some of the planets most radical & un-explored terrain. Featuring Mads Jonsson, Frederik Kalbermatten, Jeremy Jones, Jonaven Moore, Mikkel Bang, Jonas Emery & others getting some serious chicken! The second film tonight is ‘Best of the TB Series’ – a showcases of 10 years of Standard Film’s big mountain films.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Swell has come up and it’s breaking out the back of Bondi around 5 foot. Shame about the shape – shutting down most of the time. The odd set hooks up with plenty of meaty face to dance all over. Light autumn frosty SW winds early, blowing S this afternoon. Another damn cold day & bucketing down – 19 degrees – where’s me jumpa. High tide 10:40am, low tide 4pm, water still warm 20.

INFINITY 2006… To Rave And BeyondThe biggest cross country tour since… well forever is the Infinity 2006 Tour… To Rave And Beyond presented by Modular. It’s now been 20 years since the people’s society for the right to rave held the first legendary barn house rave party "infinity" for 17 people in a small town just outside of Canberra. It is in the spirit of these brave mavericks that Modular are throwing the 2006 version right around Aus, glow sticks and all! Next Saturday 3rd June it is Sydney’s turn with The Presets, Digitalism (Germany), Riot in Belgium (DJ Damage + DJ Belgium), Jamie Doom, Dangerous Dan, Kim and the Modular DJ’s. Come along and dance til dawn at The Forum in the Entertainment Quarter at the old Fox Studios next Sat. Doors open at 9pm. BUY TIX
Au revoir::uge

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Hi Chinas. Those that braved the big chill would
have found 3 foot uncrowded Bond*age – lining up a little
wonky with the odd right in the middle. Warm in – frosty out.
Sydney’s south facing beaches will be fun little playgrounds
for most of the day as the winds are offshore SW before tending
S later honk. Tomorrow – similar if not a tad bigger. High
tide 10am, low tide 3:25pm, 20 degree water, sunny and only dismal
19 degrees on land.
Running this site I get all kinds of questions,
why does Wal always drop in? What’s the surf like in Denmark?
Why does Norg’s wear baby oil to the beach? But 10 times a day “what
camera gear do I use”. You’d think I was a Canon rep.
Well I am selling off my Canon 10D SLR Body and matching water gear
with all the fruit. For two years I’ve paddled around with
this gear shooting some of my best stuff with it – now its
time to hand it over to a new frotha – it’s up for sale
on EBAY, auction ends this Sunday so go nuts. My custom made housing
is rare with all the extras – 3 lens ports, poles, pistol gribs
blah – so hot chocolate come get it whilst its hot – click
one of these bad boys below to view auction.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Bit like a scrum on the peak this morning, scrapping
over head high, suck-ulent little tubos on offer in the southern
end. South swell is still here blessed with an early morning offshore.
It’s a wonky swell – more than surfable. Quite a few beaches to
choose from, Bondi, Curly, Narra, Avalon…arvo southerly winds
will degrade surface quality. Earlier better than later. Fine day,
partly cloudy and 20 degrees. 3 foot for most of the weekend. High
tide 7:20am, low tide 1pm.
SURF AID Sydney Benefit Dinner June
SurfAid International is a non-profit humanitarian aid oganisation
whose mission is to "improve the health of people living is
isolated regions connected to us through surfing". On 15th
June, SurfAid will be holding a Sydney Benefit Dinner at Luna Park.
Cost is $250 per person for a full tilt deluxe banquet meal which
is being attended by some of surfings greats – Damien Hardman, Martin
Potter, Barton Lynch, Mark Richards, Midget Farrelly. If you would
like tickets please contact [email protected]
The Aquabumps Gallery is open 10am
to 4pm all weekend. Come have breakfast next door at 3 Eggs and
check out some pics. Later, uge

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

250 frames in 2 hours – busy morning. Lots to shoot between a classic autumn fireball sunrise and 4 foot suction at Bond*age. Our south facing beaches have great waves with the early morning offshore and consistent south swell. Everyone’s onto it and there will be a few late crew to work today. If you missed it – have no fear, as there will be waves over the next 3 days. High tide 6:30am, low tide 12:23pm. 20 degree water, 21 degrees on land winds singing more southerly this afternoon.

The Smell of resin has finally got to Mad Benny – and he’s having a big 1 day GARAGE SALE down at SiX Ounce Board Store 10am to 5pm – you’ll find some bargains…dang. SHOP 2 144 GLENAYR AVE BONDI BEACH 93008339

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some swell lurking around these parts today.
South facing beaches will attract 3-4 footers with chill-bill SW
offshores. How cold was last night – ridiculous. Large morning rock
steady crew scrappin’ for waves on the southern chunk of sand. Wave
faces were bumpy with heaps of bounce…but there were snug pockets
worthy of an attempted pull. Only 18 degrees today, cloudy periods,
fresh west to south west winds. Low tide 11:40am, high tide 6pm.
This swell will be similar tomorrow. Smaller Friday
and something else brewing for late weekend – not a bad one to bake
it out of town.
Few public announcements/apologies/rambles
– yesterday there was a mistake in Aquabumps – AI and Bobby Martinez
are not eliminated – they just lost their 1st round heats in the
Globe WCT Fiji event (
– oops, I need glasses. Also an island in Tahiti is called MOTU,
not moto, all those 1000 emails requesting shots of girls in bikinis
– your dreamin’ – its winter and dang cold – yeah and I’ve eaten
sp*am out of the tin when I was younger.
One more thing, Aquabumps subscribers will score a
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adios, ::Uge

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

After a night of thunderstorms & a dramatic decrease in land temperature (max 18 brr brr) we’ve got some waves down at Bondi this morning. It’s not super clean – but well worth a hack. Sets up around head high, average around chest high, the leftie was holding up nicely approaching the 10:54am low tide. Damn chilling westerly winds cuts you like a knife when getting your suit off – or maybe I’m just acclimatizing post Tahiti. South onshore winds due this afternoon.

Northern beaches would have some waves – Curly would be similar to Bond*age, Avalon a few and even the Nulla would be working. Tomorrow is a much better day with bigger swell (3ft – 4ft).
Random bits – The WCT Globe Fiji event kicked off yesterday at Cloudbreak (Tavarua) with perfect 4 – 6 foot. Kelly Slater has retired from the event carrying a rib injury from Chopes a couple of weeks ago. The tours two top guns, Andy Irons and Chopes winner Bobby Martinez were eliminated by underdog Paulo Moura (BRA) and veteran Danny Wills (AUS). Go on – watch it live – – its 6 – 8 foot today – yeoow.
Q – Matt Costa’s demo was handed to a well know guitarist from which local Californian big name 90’s ska band? The answer is TOM DUMONT from No Doubt – congrats Andy Shearer for winning the Bushfire Records Pack full of the good stuff. Later – uge

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Monday, May 22, 2006

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Friday, May 19, 2006;

With low expectations this morning I was quite
surprised to see Bond*age deliver surfable waist high lefties in
the corner. Small pack enjoying the golden morning light and silky
surfaces. With a 7:20am low tide, our beloved bank sucked out the
fatness creating a couple of beltable mini pockets – but hey,
don’t get too excited – she’s only waist high.
Sunny day, 23, NE winds later, high tide 1:20pm. No
surf tomorrow, but Sunday looks like there will be a few around
(3ft) but flanked with showers.
The Beach Hut, the surf clearance
outlet at Sydney Domestic Airport is having a sale (up to 70% off).
Started yesterday and ends Sunday 21st May. 8:30pm to 5pm. 110 Seventh
Street, Mascot telephone 9693 5845 (the big blue building).
Louisa Seton opened her exhibition
of Tribal Photographs from Papua New Guinea last
night. Exhibition extends to 6th June at the Blender Gallery
in Paddington, 16 Elizabeth Street, Mon – Sat 10am to 6pm, 9380
7080 email

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Returned from paradise to find Bondi waist high,
clean and breaking in the corner off the same bank that’s been hanging
around for a while now. Winds are offshore early and NE later. It’s
surfable – you’d wanna be pretty keen. Looks small for the next
4 days – so best do something else.
Tahiti is getting a monster swell
today and tows at Teahuppo will be on – yeah – just my luck. Shame
the Billabong Pro wasn’t this week. The local boys were talking
it up to be the swell of the year.
Every time I come back from a trip its funny – some
one I don’t know, like the local coffe dude, will say ‘lucky bastard’…’how
was Tahiti – looked like you scored’. I guess the more air tickets
I buy the luckier I get – I once read somewhere ‘you don’t need
permission to go on a holiday’. There are so many breaks going off
today – dooooit dooit. Get out there. If you need some inspiration
click on the photo gallery below for random pics of the last week
in Tahiti.

Matt Costa New Album Out Now
So you break your leg skateboarding and spend a year recovering,
what do you do? If you’re Matt Costa, you pick up a guitar,
a notepad… & the rest is history.
In the good company of Jack Johnson and G Love, Brushfire Records
now presents Matt’s Debut album, “Songs We Sing”. More

Q – Matt Costa’s demo was handed to a well know guitarist
from which local Californian big name 90’s ska band? Email
the answer
with your name and email
address to win a Brushfire Records Pack (Jack Johnson albums, DVD,
Matt Costa, G Love Cd, Jacj Curious George Tee worth $200).

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tahiti has had many crew dropping by. In 1769 Captain Cook followed the stars to Tahiti…Sir William Bligh in 1788 nearly lost his crew to the beautiful local women. In 1867 Paul Gauguin painted his fascination for the local Polynesian women, and in 2006 Aquabumps drifts in the channel on one of the world’s most dangerous wave – Teahuppo for the Billabong Pro.

Round 3 and 4 ran today in super clean 4 foot Chopes. Slater, Irons, Martinez, O’Rafferty all winning their heats. Martinez being the stand out for the day going super deep. Likely the finals will run tomorrow – hopefully not with the today’s huge lulls…will Slater make it 3 of 3?
Hope you’re scoring a few out at Bond*age – looks pretty small – swell coming Monday.
Big wetsuit sale at Surfection Mosman this weekend – hit Julian up for a good deal – say you’re from Aquabumps. Oh yeah…The Aquabumps Gallery has been shut lately but open this weekend.
I like it here – its magical. Heaps of waves. Heaps of power. Warm water.
Later, Uge

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today’s cut from the same tree as yesterday. Almost carbon copy. Small knee to waist high waves with super-chilly offshores bringing a shock to the system…oh yeah and sunshine-a-plenty. The left and right peak is still kinda dribbling with this miniscule south swell… the longboarders and fish goers are out for their morning hack – its surfable but you won’t be braggin’ to your mates afterwards. I’d don some rubber before heading out…even with mega 22 degree water she’s chilly on the way out. Warmer in than out. Small increase tomorrow with a late southerly change hitting.

BILLABONG PRO TAHITI TO COMMENCE TODAY – 3 foot Teahupoo will kick the women’s division off today with the men on standby as a swell increase is due. Today is day five of the 13-day waiting period that stretches until May 16, 2006. More

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Monday, May 08, 2006

The chunky swells of April are now a distant memory as we continue to endure this small spell in May. Every 15 minutes or so a wave would break at Bondi in the south, best suited to a lengthy mal or fat fish – but it ain’t that great. You’d have to be really keen – especially since that howling SW wind is carrying a serious chill with it. Only max of 20 degrees today, water warmer 22, high tide 5:30pm, low tide 11am. You can see swell on the horizon – it’s just not interested in Sydney.

Tahiti’s suffering from the same lack of swell over the past few days as the top 45 surfers in the world scratch around with not much to do. It’s all going to change tomorrow as a swell is due to hit and probably see the 1st day of competition for the Billabong Pro at the almighty Teahupoo. Not a bad place to be right now…let’s go.
Samudra are running a 3 day weekend surfing and yoga retreat up at Byron Bay June 9 – 12. Reap the benefits of the synergies between surfing and Astanga yoga. See for dates and details

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Dribbly bits still manage to break on the low tide with our superior bond*age bank. Clean knee-waist high lefts and rights are on offer amongst a huge morning crowd. Our favourite bank is on the move, so it’s in its last days as born ‘n’ bred Robin Austin says "she’s on the way out – the rips on the wrong side of the bank now – shows over". Well…we got a steamy 3-week-fling out of a nice dump of sand – so no one can complain.

High tide 3pm, Low tide 8:50am. 22 degree water. 24 degree on the land. Real small waves tomorrow (unsurfable I reckon)…not much more on Sunday…best do something else.
Free surfing Donavon Frankenreiter has released a new album called "MOVE BY YOURSELF". The album will be released nationally on May 6. A Gold selling artist in Australia Move By Yourself sees Donavon and his band, return to traditional album making.. recorded in St Augustine Florida, with a 2 inch reel and no click tracks… ‘That had a lot to do with the way the music sounds’, says Donavon. more

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Gee good weather today – doesn’t get much better (max 24). Sometimes Sydney really turns it up. Swell is tiny down at Bondi with waves only breaking around your knee caps – orkay if you wait long enough a larger one will come through. A large frothn’ pack was hungry for scraps as they clung to our new friend – the southern corner bank.

Glassy conditions with little or no wind…dang….all good with 22 degree warm water. No swell coming so time to do something else, fix dings, mow lawn, visit the Aquabumps gallery in North Bondi, colour co-ordinate your book shelf or keep an eye on the Billabong Pro starting in Tahiti today (waiting period begins today – comp will most likely be next week). Can SLATER make it 3 wins out of 3 WCT events so far this year? If he takes out Tahiti he will out do Tom Curren’s record 33 WCT wins…adios, ugios

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What can I say; the weather is pretty damn good and so is the water temp. A small suck-ulent little left in the corner at Bondi is providing fun waves around waist to shoulder high, but it’s packed – real packed. Swell is now coming from ESE and will be bigger at other beaches that face that direction. Winds are offshore (W) and there’s nothing significant on the swell front for the next few days. High tide 1pm, low tide 7am, water 22, same on the land – max 22.

Soul Riders Tonight | 7:30pm North Bondi RSL. $5History of Australian Surfing (Nat Young) – Classic archival footage of Crescent Head, Angourie, Lennox Head and The Pass at Byron, as well as vintage footage from Bells, Bondi Beach and Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Features interviews with Bondi’s infamous Jack ‘Bluey’ Mayes, Rabbit, MR, Cheyne Horan and Terry Fitzgerald. A truly inspiring journey into the early roots of surfing in Australia.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yeah I know, late again, but that’s part of the whole Aquabumps experience aaiii. Last night whipped up some local wind swell suitable for our new found banks. Waves were only around chest/shoulder high but consistent and beltable (now that’s for shiiiiza). Even the odd shackola to dig your way through on the left. It’s only a one hit wonder wind swell so expect it to run away anytime now…

SW winds – fresh this arvo, Max 22, water still deluxe, high tide 12pm, low tide 6am – sun is shining.
I’ve been getting a few complaints lately that the Bumps daily email has been blocked by evil forces. The easiest way to fix this is add this email address to your address book (or add us to your safe senders list). I suggest doing this now…cause one day you just might drop off…and then wot will you do? Life will never be the same again.
Later, Uge

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Monday, May 01, 2006

April’s fields of clover have come to and end. What a month…we’ve all been entertained by 4 chunky swells in 4 weeks. After a weekend of pumping Bondi we’ve got smaller waves around waist to shoulder high on two solid leftie banks (one in the middle and one in the south). Heaps of fun little ones left but I reckon the 11am high tide will put pork into those bumps (translation – not good). Super clean conditions with early morning offshores and balmy 23 degree water. This swell is fading rapidly as we head into a week of small knee biters. Low tide 4:30pm, max 24 today, clouds will appear, showers later today, fresh south west winds…

Got a good little snap in the south which is best viewed large. Not often you get little shacks like dese. Pray that these current banks hang around…later, uge

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