Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some swell lurking around these parts today.
South facing beaches will attract 3-4 footers with chill-bill SW
offshores. How cold was last night – ridiculous. Large morning rock
steady crew scrappin’ for waves on the southern chunk of sand. Wave
faces were bumpy with heaps of bounce…but there were snug pockets
worthy of an attempted pull. Only 18 degrees today, cloudy periods,
fresh west to south west winds. Low tide 11:40am, high tide 6pm.

This swell will be similar tomorrow. Smaller Friday
and something else brewing for late weekend – not a bad one to bake
it out of town.

Few public announcements/apologies/rambles
– yesterday there was a mistake in Aquabumps – AI and Bobby Martinez
are not eliminated – they just lost their 1st round heats in the
Globe WCT Fiji event (
– oops, I need glasses. Also an island in Tahiti is called MOTU,
not moto, all those 1000 emails requesting shots of girls in bikinis
– your dreamin’ – its winter and dang cold – yeah and I’ve eaten
sp*am out of the tin when I was younger.

One more thing, Aquabumps subscribers will score a
new ipod shuffle if you hook up with a Citibank Gold Credit Card

adios, ::Uge

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