Tuesday, May 23, 2006

After a night of thunderstorms & a dramatic decrease in land temperature (max 18 brr brr) we’ve got some waves down at Bondi this morning. It’s not super clean – but well worth a hack. Sets up around head high, average around chest high, the leftie was holding up nicely approaching the 10:54am low tide. Damn chilling westerly winds cuts you like a knife when getting your suit off – or maybe I’m just acclimatizing post Tahiti. South onshore winds due this afternoon.

Northern beaches would have some waves – Curly would be similar to Bond*age, Avalon a few and even the Nulla would be working. Tomorrow is a much better day with bigger swell (3ft – 4ft).

Random bits – The WCT Globe Fiji event kicked off yesterday at Cloudbreak (Tavarua) with perfect 4 – 6 foot. Kelly Slater has retired from the event carrying a rib injury from Chopes a couple of weeks ago. The tours two top guns, Andy Irons and Chopes winner Bobby Martinez were eliminated by underdog Paulo Moura (BRA) and veteran Danny Wills (AUS). Go on – watch it live – www.globefiji.com – its 6 – 8 foot today – yeoow.

Q – Matt Costa’s demo was handed to a well know guitarist from which local Californian big name 90’s ska band? The answer is TOM DUMONT from No Doubt – congrats Andy Shearer for winning the Bushfire Records Pack full of the good stuff. Later – uge

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