Monday, May 29, 2006

Hi Chinas. Those that braved the big chill would
have found 3 foot uncrowded Bond*age – lining up a little
wonky with the odd right in the middle. Warm in – frosty out.
Sydney’s south facing beaches will be fun little playgrounds
for most of the day as the winds are offshore SW before tending
S later honk. Tomorrow – similar if not a tad bigger. High
tide 10am, low tide 3:25pm, 20 degree water, sunny and only dismal
19 degrees on land.

Running this site I get all kinds of questions,
why does Wal always drop in? What’s the surf like in Denmark?
Why does Norg’s wear baby oil to the beach? But 10 times a day “what
camera gear do I use”. You’d think I was a Canon rep.
Well I am selling off my Canon 10D SLR Body and matching water gear
with all the fruit. For two years I’ve paddled around with
this gear shooting some of my best stuff with it – now its
time to hand it over to a new frotha – it’s up for sale
on EBAY, auction ends this Sunday so go nuts. My custom made housing
is rare with all the extras – 3 lens ports, poles, pistol gribs
blah – so hot chocolate come get it whilst its hot – click
one of these bad boys below to view auction.

Canon 10d For Sale
Water Housing For Sale

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