Friday, 30 November 2007

Pretty grim on the surf front. November is a good month to go overseas. Write that down for next year. We’ve barely had a wave for 4 weeks and a few of the man grommets are getting a bit twitchy (annoying). Hawaii is where you want to be today at Pipe turns on for the silly island season. So Bondi had a knee to waist high dribble, a quick tour around all the beaches confirmed my suspicions that it’s just a flat day. Nice one though, max 23, with E winds 10-15 knots, high tide 1:30pm, low 7:12am, water nice 20, forecast : weekend – do xmas shopping it’s that small, really, Monday you will see improvement with a new east swell. That’s about it.
Check out what’s happening with the Swiss Grande, finally Sydney’s ugliest hotel will get a jouooj up. Bondi Girl Board riders are having a party Sat Dec 1 called WAX ON – hit the Bondi pavilion from 8pm with $20. (or get tickets from Lets go surfing, Brave Cafe, Krack). Surfection Mosman is selling new fishes from $350 this weekend. Good xmas pressie idea for the fella. Not to mention the Aquabumps Gallery is open ALL weekend 10am to 4pm, 98 Brighton Boulevard NORTH BONDI. Easy place to do all the xmas power-shopping in 1hr (even for overseas crew). Miss Bondi heat 3 is on at the beach road hotel tomorrow – starts at 1pm and finishes at 5pm. PUGWALL – yes, that’s the mofo in this Drambuie VIDEO who used to star on a Channel 9 Boy band show – my my how things change and finally my mate Sam needs a date and he’s a ok bloke – throw the kid a cracker. (chix only thx). Next Wed I am planning to ONLY shoot female surfers at 6:30am @ Bondi on the middle peak…been gettin’ emails wondering where all the chix are…so I encourage all chick surfers to come down to star on wed’s fresh serve. Enough ramble – betta get to that boozey xmas lunch of yours::uge

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Thursday, 29 November 2007

After last night’s swell increase to 3 foot you would have woken up this morning excited about the possibility of a decent wave. Well..its bigger, 2 foot, sometimes 3, but a interrupting slight onshore and 6:12am low tide made it shut down at Bondi. Perhaps on a fuller tide you might have something more rideable. So it’s small, sunny, and a grovel. Max 25 on land, really warm in the water (boardies) and a few thunderstorms developing later this evening.
Sunday/Monday may see something hitting 3 foot from the east – keep an eye on it.
Later, uge

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Quite surprised to see something resembling a little waist high rideable wave this morning. At 5am it was pouring, by 6:30am it was clearing and the surface quality was immaculate glass. Shame it wasn’t bigger. Quite sucky on a southern end bank (hence shot 1 pipe). High tide today is around midday, low tide around 6:40pm. Swell is coming from the ESE with a period of 5.7 seconds (weak puppies) and we’re looking at a fine 24 degree day with winds tending N/NE 8/13 knots. The outlook – all sub 2 foot. Yawn. Nothing doing.

work distracters:

BOGANS – I get sent some funny stuff. Check this Drambuie research video that landed in my inbox. I’ll give Aquabumps tees to the first 5 that can spot an old famous boy-band singer that used to be on a channel nine show in the week day afternoons. Click here to submit his name (stage name)
SINGLE – On Nov 3 the single fin classic was held down at Bondi beach. Here is a short video created by Linda Benson and hosted by VIOCORP.


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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

miss bondi 2007
First up I linked to the wrong miss bondi photos yesterday. So here are the right ones (heat 2 not heat 1). Sorry.

We just can’t seem to break out of the 2 foot mould at the moment. Well today is 1-2 foot and onshore sloppiness. Swell origin is from the east soon to be ESE. Wintery day with heavy showers starting at 5am and only a top of 21 degrees. Didn’t shoot cause of the heavy rains (water shots in toxic water run off aren’t my thing, and hell no one out). Thought we’d go back to the island paradise of Bali earlier this year…dang love that place.

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Monday, 26 November 2007

Surfing shouldn’t be too high on the agenda today. 1-2 foot weak dribbling bits are breaking down at Bondi. Swell origin looks to be ENE and there’s a slight onshore agitator early. Sunshine peeping through now and its going to be 24 degrees. Not much else to say really…other than we’re so overdue for a good solid swell and this week look 2 foot throughout. No need to get kranky now, I heard wakeboarding is a good sport as well, or maybe check out my mates sports opinion site (yes shameless plug) Barely got a shot this morning so here are some random shots.
Round 2 of Miss Bondi was held on Saturday. Here are some snaps:

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Friday, 23 November 2007

fizzerBit of a fizzer this new swell. Charts said it was going to be bigger. Winds are howling 20 knots from the south interrupting a chance of quality waves early today. Swell should pick up and come from the SE later today. Bondi’s southern pocket had 2 footers with the odd set hedging 3 foot. There was an early hungry pack of wolves scrappin’ over anything breaking – see what 2 weeks of flat spell does…weekend looks good in swell size – but the nemesis southerly will be blowing 20 knots again tomorrow but lighter on Sunday (and smaller). Keep an eye on it. Not mega.
wax onThe Bondi Girls Surfriders are having a party on Saturday 1st December at the Bondi Pavilion. 10 deejays on 2 stages. Prizes. Drinks. Bondi FM. Girls in Bikinis..kiddin…20 bangers for a ticket available from LETS GO SURFING (right in front of the Aquabumps Gallery), Brave Cafe and Krack.
@quabumps gallery 10am to 4pm all weekend Bondi Junga is a big place. Daunting. Good noodles in the court though. If you want a simpler xmas shopping experience and less car park rage (man some of those grannies have attitude), come see us all weekend at the Aquabumps Gallery, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi Telephone 9130 8371. Check out me art drawers or use this map to find the pot of gold.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Damn flat spell continues as the new swell shys away from us. The well anticipated small NE swell is now coming tonight (not today) – we hope. Come on…it’s about time. This morning’s high tide (6:45am) engulfed any sort of a wave so far, as the low tide approaches (1pm) you may see a 2 foot chunk at north or east facing beaches (pretty flat at Bondi). So the moral of the story is wait for tomorrow (expect 3-4 foot from NE with SW winds early)… No shots from today – but doing some photo archiving last night and came across these puppies from last years’ trip to Tahiti, Teahuppo – one of the world’s most spectacular waves. oh yeah.
ASL Jap Movie LaunchAustralia’s Surfing Life Mag are launching there HOT 100 Japan DVD this Friday at the Shark Bar(Manly). Rather than me write about it just click on this link to see the preview – its hot – and email the date the DVD comes out to [email protected] and you could win one of 6 double passes to the opening night and drink the free booze bar dry. (oh and hang out with some big names).

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Its pancakes once again but fortunately we’re at the end of this flat spell. What is unsurfable right now should slightly pick up this afternoon to see a remotely surfable wave hitting 2 foot. Tomorrow if all goes to plan we’ll score 3 foot and it will hang around until Sunday. The new swell is going to be from the ENE and best time would be Friday morning when its 9.5 second period, SW winds and 3 foot. No big swells on the radar. High tide 6am, low tide midday. Water is freezing 17. Land 26 and sunny.
Bondi Short Film Festival It’s this Saturday at the Bondi Pav. For more info – or check this clip out
Sydney UnderworldA Unique Portrait Photography ExhibitionRichard Vevers and Jayne Jenkins, two of Australia’s leading underwater photographers, have dedicated the last few years to capturing the beautiful and bizarre characters that make up the Sydney Underworld – the most amazing marine environment of any major city in the world.
An exhibition of these images will run from 19 November to 2 December at Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach and will be located along the beach itself on Ocean Care Day on Sunday 25th November. website

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

grasshoppersThe waves today are smoookin’ – that’s if you’re knee high to a grass hopper, think girls are rank and haven’t got a drivers licence yet. 3 lil’ groms hacked the 1 foot shorey this morning down at Bondi – quite entertaining really. All 3 foot/30 kilo of them can generate a fair bit of speed off nothing. So for the other man grommets, it’s pretty unsurfable at Bondi, slightly bigger at east facing beaches like the Bra, Whaley, blah…but really nothing to get excited about. Water is a chilly sub 19 with all these NE winds, high tide 5pm, low tide 11am, max 25 degrees of beach worthy weather. Have a great day. uge
PS – these shots a intentionally smudged. There’s nothing wrong with my camera but thanks for the concern.

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Monday, 19 November 2007

It’s totally flat and its going to be like this for most of the week.Here’s a couple of suggestions to keep you occupied in between swells:

Check out the photos from Miss Bondi 2007 – HEAT 1
Book an overseas business SURF trip that just happens to be on a world class surf break webby
Join Sasha down at Icebergs for Yoga by the sea and get flexible for when the swell returns website
Of course – Christmas shopping at the Aquabumps Gallery in North Bondi

Have a great day, enjoy the good weather at teh start of this week – showers Thursday Friday. Cheers, ::uge

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Friday, 16 November 2007

*chugSmall 1-2 foot wave chuggin’ into the south end of Bondi at 6:30am. There’s no power nor shape to it today. Thick overhead morning clouds have cleared by the time I wrote this, and you’re looking at a mighty fine 25 degree maximum. Currently we have SW winds at 8/13 knots which will kick around to the NW/NE during the afternoon. Even when its 1 foot people arc up if I don’t include the tides, (beats me), 6:30 low tide, 1ish high, 8pm low…
*galleryThe Aquabumps gallery is choc full of new gold in preparation for xmas. If you’re like me and hate shopping, the Aquabumps gallery is the one stop shop. You better believe it. Ok that’s my sales pitch, there’s no waves this weekend AT ALL so come in 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi 9130 8371. Click here to see the new bits of gold. Custom orders need to be in now to get em for Christmas. Doiit.
*surfectionJulian at Surfection Mosman has a new deal on – from $350 for a new fish. Go see. see
*whales3pm today thousands of people are heading down to Bondi to form the shape of a whale for an aerial shot. Save the humpies and support this good cause with ya mate Rasta.

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pray for swellIt hasn’t been pumping in quite some time now – we’re so overdue. Today the swell has kicked up a notch with waves mostly around the 2 foot mark, its peaky, shifty, and a short period wind swell (average). The charts say the swell period jumps from 5.7 to 9.3 seconds this morning – in English this means more power and probably slightly bigger later today (but I’m not holding out for it) – the SE onshore is making a mess of it. Looking at the next 7 days ain’t that great – today and tomorrow the biggest days…then dropping off to 0-1 foot. Yawn. Pass the crumpets old boy.
WhalesTomorrow thousands of people are forming the shape of a huge whale to break a world record on Bondi beach in support to saving Humpback Whales. Everyone’s welcome – meet Dave Rastovich amongst other special guests at the Bondi Beach Lifeguard Tower Friday Nov 16th, 3-5pm.
TropicsurfTime to book those surf adventures for next year. Tropicsurf has some mega options…amphibious planes, big boats, remote locations, perfect waves – enough said?
Xmas at the Aquabumps GalleryThis year is going fast… Xmas is just around the corner. If you’d like to order some framed artwork from our little gallery you’d better get onto to it – as orders take 3 weeks, so come on in. 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi telephone 9130 8371 see some gold

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

bush nookieSaw a young couple going for gold in the bushes at sunrise this morning…aaaah yes, summer really is here in Bondi. Nothing like a bit of bush scratchin’ after a big Tuesday night at the Bondi hotel with a ‘new’ inebriated friend. Backpacker heaven has arrived to good old summer party town Bondi.
Even if you had a big night last night (if ya hittin’ it on Tuesdays we need to have a talk) you wouldn’t be missing anything in the surf – ’cause it’s pretty much flat, clean and pushing max 1 foot. You would need to ride a boat like mal to surf today. So perhaps enjoy the sensational weather as it cooks to 25 degrees today.
Swell is picking up later tonight – so at least we could have a wave tomorrow (ESE swell small say 2-3ft, not sure about the winds – variable). Can someone talk to that Dozer driver and get him to push sand into a nice pointy bank in the southern end. Something like a bank 50 metres out, 30 metres wide would work well for us. He’s currently straightening the beach out, making it a ripless beach for summer safety – boo::uge

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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Dayz like these I am not really sure what to write about or shoot. Its flat kids. Flat as. I sat on my little patch of concrete in the south pointing 600mms of glass at anything that moved in hope to find some photographic gold. Nope nuttin to see here folks – do some work.
Wait. Today’s public announcement – the salubrious miss bondi starts this weekend at the good ole Beach Road Hotel Bondi. Yep 1pm to 5pm (Sat 17 Nov). Larger than life BIGTOM will present this year’s contestants, challenging the girls with questions on politics, metaphysics, and climate change. This event has been going since the 1930’s and runs over four consecutive Saturdays. Here are some links to photos to distract you on a flat surf day. Well for the blokes that is…FINALS | HEAT 3 | HEAT 2 | HEAT 1

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Monday, 12 November 2007

goeastThe fruits of the weekend’s east-nor-east swell has faded but not evaporated. (Big words for a Monday I know.) 3 footers are now 1-2 footers, especially at south facing Bondeye. It’s clean and sunny, and much better at an east facing beach. Perfect way to start your week. 24 degrees max on the land, 20 in the water, 10am high tide, 5pm low tide. Swell will back off for today and tomorrow but looking like a return Wed-Friday. Have a great week ::uge

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Friday, 9 November 2007

uglySydney surf conditions have been hit with the ugly stick this week. A small pack of grizzly surfers hit Bondi this morning in an attempt to achieve their minimum wave quota. The agitated ocean is still pushing 2-3 footers into the southern corner, but its hell bumpy and random.  East/South East winds managing to interrupt most bay angles today, so you aren’t missing much down the beach. The E/SE winds will continue on the weekend so not much joy there…
The Aquabumps gallery is open all weekend 10am to 4pm, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi t:9130 8371. Have a walk around the gallery
Julian at Surfection Mosman reckons he scored a whole pile of new stock boards. He’s selling some new short boards from $350. No that is not a typo. From $350. T:9969 1011 522 Military Road, Mosman

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Thursday, 8 November 2007

same::sameThis weather is getting pretty lame. It’s raining, onshore and only hitting 3 feet of sloppiness (for the 4th day in a row). Surely you’ve got better things to do than surf today. Showing you 5 shots of greyness probably won’t fry your burger so here are some little gems from the other side of this great island – down town west oz where the afternoon light is nothing short of magical.
Things to do when the surf is bad (for 4 days):

Glacier Surfing – Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala rode into surfing history last week when they towed into a monster tsunami created by Child’s Glacier in South-Central Alaska – rad stuff – VIDEO
I’ll take Six ounces – that Backdoor Benny has scored a new batch of retro delights in his store. Maybe go down and check em or see his webbie
Of course come to the Aquabumps Gallery 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi and start your xmas shopping .
Check out those shots from the Lynx Raft landing at North Bondi
Or do you bit for Starlight Foundation and buy tickets to the FIVE DESGINERS SHOW being held at the flashy Hilton Hotel, November 29 hosted by Tom Williams and with designers, Zimmerman, Morrissey, Fleur Wood, FashionAssassin and Bec & Bridge – 95 bucks a ticket. BUY
Forecast: no real joy in the near future. 3 foot..bit messy with ese winds.

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

They tell me the longer this wind blows the better the surf will be when it cleans up. It’s been blowing all week…and Bondi has been junkie as hell. Scrappy 3 footers in the northern end is the pick of spots, the south end is just one big washing machine. SE winds 18 knots, South swell producing 4-5 foot at exposed corners. Wintery weather again today with rain and a maximum of 18 degrees. Should go offshore for the weekend.
mick eugene fanningOh yes, he’s done it. We’ve got an aussie world champion! Mick Fanning has secured the world title at Santa Catarina Pro in Brazil this morning. Fanning is the 1st Australian to win the world title since Occy. How good. Taj is currently ranked 2nd closely followed by the competitive Kelly Slater. Could it be a Aussie 1&2? more
sculptures by the sea 1-18 Nov 2007Whilst you’re waiting for the winds to back off maybe check out the 11th Annual Sculptures by the sea which is being held along the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk. more
excess baggageEveryone is in top gear trying to get fit for summer. The mornings down at Bondi are home to boot camps, runners, swimmers, surfers..all in the name of losing the winter excess baggage. Frother Mike Britton runs fitness classes down at Bondi in the mornings…go to  first 20 people to sign up score a new tee from remo.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Master O’ReillyDoubt anyone’s too interested in surfing today. Well because A) its smashing onshore b) its Melbourne cup day. Yes punters, it’s your big day to scam off work and booze it up all arvo after celebrating your winnings on MASTER O’REILLY (11) – that’s my tip for the day. So bail the computer and stop reading emails and go enjoy yourself. The rest of Australia is ::uge
PS – hope we get some good waves soon so the photo archives don’t get depleted.

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Monday, 5 November 2007

bigblowIt’s howling… The kind of blow when you see those Sulo bins guts-up spewing all over the road, when the TV reception don’t work so good as your antenna is doing 360s on the roof, when the little ladies running down the street have their umbrellas inside out… 30 knots of southerly brought rain, cooler temps and a jump in swell height. I saw waves out the back of Bondi breaking around 6-8 foot, but its hell messy. A lone wolf storm riders perfect day out. This whole week looks windy and onshore at this point. There’s swell around – so when this wind stops – should be some joy. Keep an eye on it.
wetsingleThe Beach Road Hotel Single Fin Classic was held on Saturday despite the wet weather. The gloomy conditions didn’t put off an array of local retro talent, bad dancing, bad hair and some collectable boards. This years open event was won by Jason Liston, 2nd Steve Rainford, 3rd Ian Wallace, 4th Justin Bornwell. The seniors was won by local lgened Cheyne Horan 2nd Robbie Page 3rd Paul Cram 4th Shannon Hardaker. Best dress: Scooter later:::yooj

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Thursday, 1 November 2007

mushybitsReal small mushy bits this morning. Not worth surfing at all peeps. Lucky to find something over knee high. Just couldn’t seem to shoot anything worth showing you this morning.  Wait for tomorrow when its bigger and cleaner (says the charts). Winds swinging NE today…new east swell tomorrow.
underwater peopleWe all love the ocean even if its unsurfable. Good day for a swim today. This is what you’ll see.
single?The Beach Road Hotel Single Fin Classic is on again, Saturday. Spaces are still open for entries (download at and take to Krack surf shop before end of the day). The biggest day on Bondi’s surfing calendar features ‘retro’ boards, 70’s surf wear, and daggy dancing. The SF is open to anyone, and even if you’re not surfing you’re invited to come down and enjoy the music (DJ’s all day) and the spectacle generally. The event attracts Bondi surfing legends back to home soil, including the iconic Cheyne Horan. If you’ve ever seen it go down before you know it’s an experience not to be missed! See pics from previous years in gallery.
AMSF07Tonight the Australian Surf Movie Festival hits the Paddington RSL. Click here to get your tickets.

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