Friday, 16 November 2007

Small 1-2 foot wave chuggin’ into the south end of Bondi at 6:30am. There’s no power nor shape to it today. Thick overhead morning clouds have cleared by the time I wrote this, and you’re looking at a mighty fine 25 degree maximum. Currently we have SW winds at 8/13 knots which will kick around to the NW/NE during the afternoon. Even when its 1 foot people arc up if I don’t include the tides, (beats me), 6:30 low tide, 1ish high, 8pm low…

The Aquabumps gallery is choc full of new gold in preparation for xmas. If you’re like me and hate shopping, the Aquabumps gallery is the one stop shop. You better believe it. Ok that’s my sales pitch, there’s no waves this weekend AT ALL so come in 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi 9130 8371. Click here to see the new bits of gold. Custom orders need to be in now to get em for Christmas. Doiit.

Julian at Surfection Mosman has a new deal on – from $350 for a new fish. Go see. see

3pm today thousands of people are heading down to Bondi to form the shape of a whale for an aerial shot. Save the humpies and support this good cause with ya mate Rasta.

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