Thursday, November 22, 2007

Damn flat spell continues as the new swell shys away from us. The well anticipated small NE swell is now coming tonight (not today) – we hope. Come on…it’s about time. This morning’s high tide (6:45am) engulfed any sort of a wave so far, as the low tide approaches (1pm) you may see a 2 foot chunk at north or east facing beaches (pretty flat at Bondi). So the moral of the story is wait for tomorrow (expect 3-4 foot from NE with SW winds early)… No shots from today – but doing some photo archiving last night and came across these puppies from last years’ trip to Tahiti, Teahuppo – one of the world’s most spectacular waves. oh yeah.

ASL Jap Movie Launch
Australia’s Surfing Life Mag are launching there HOT 100 Japan DVD this Friday at the Shark Bar(Manly). Rather than me write about it just click on this link to see the preview – its hot – and email the date the DVD comes out to and you could win one of 6 double passes to the opening night and drink the free booze bar dry. (oh and hang out with some big names).

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