Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Dayz like these I am not really sure what to write about or shoot. Its flat kids. Flat as. I sat on my little patch of concrete in the south pointing 600mms of glass at anything that moved in hope to find some photographic gold. Nope nuttin to see here folks – do some work.

Wait. Today’s public announcement – the salubrious miss bondi starts this weekend at the good ole Beach Road Hotel Bondi. Yep 1pm to 5pm (Sat 17 Nov). Larger than life BIGTOM will present this year’s contestants, challenging the girls with questions on politics, metaphysics, and climate change. This event has been going since the 1930’s and runs over four consecutive Saturdays. Here are some links to photos to distract you on a flat surf day. Well for the blokes that is…FINALS | HEAT 3 | HEAT 2 | HEAT 1

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