Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good morning all…There’s a lot more east in these morning chunks
today…real fun ones too. Bond-age breaking 3-4 foot, clean, lil’
wonky, crowded and requiring diet pills with an 8 a.m high tide
fatness. Closer to 2:30pm low tide should bring you more joy. Light
offshore NW winds which will swing standard NE this afternoon.
Real overcast day, showers and thunderstorms. Only
23 degrees today…
I get around 100 emails a day from subscribers…there
is always a funny one…
"Dear Uge: I receive Aquabumps because my American daughter
lives in Sydney. I love Aquabumps and you, but you cannot spell.
My sons can’t spell either, but I love them too. Love, MaMa Peggy"
From Portland, Oregon US

You have up until 5pm today to enter the Mega X-Rated fin giveaway
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Don’t forget North Bondi RSL tonight at 8pm for the Australian Premiere
of Fin. Super special guest / film-maker Ira Opper is rockin up

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today’s report is late…would like to
say that I’ve been surfing all morning…but sadly not true.
Damn technical problems, even the best of us forget to renew domains.
That aside, Sydney’s surf conditions have been quite spectacular
over the past 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon we had a huge surge
of monster chunks rocking into our bays…Bondi was a massive 12
foot with sets closing out the entire bay. Loads of little protected
corners lighting up with powerful peaks.
At Bondi this morning is dropped by 2-thirds, leaving
fun, clean 4 footers on two peaks in the south. Winds variable earlier
and will NE later today. 7:11am high tide was creating standard
Bondi burger fatness…and will get better when the tide drops.
Hopefully yesterday’s big swell has renovated some banks as we’ve
got waves for most of this week…now ya torkin’

If you’re not busy tonight, Jackie’s Bar (Bondi) are holding a fund
raising event for the Wairoa Disabilities School from 5pm to 8:30pm.
Just rock up, have a drink at the bar and the proceeds go to this
needy cause – all welcome. Best dressed beach bum wins $250 dinner
at Jackies. Should be fun…

Tomorrow night (Wed) at North Bondi RSL is the Australian Premiere
of ‘FIN’ at 8pm plus super special guest / film-maker Ira

And finally…some weirdo Mo Bros rocked up at the beach this morning…all
raising money for MOVEMBER,
big gala night tonight at Luna Park.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

After yesterday’s belting south change we’ve
got some swell today. Early morning SW winds were making it surfable
with waves around 4-5 foot at Bondi. Strangely the winds will swing
north westerly this afternoon – and blow pretty strong. The last
time I checked it at 9am it was looking pretty funky/wonky…perhaps
it will improve with a change of winds this afternoon. Chilly day
– only 19…go find your steamer.
Had trouble getting shots today in torrential rain,
so I thought you’d like to see some hot shots from the boyz at STAB
MAG…their new issue is out now.View
latest STAB cover

Jack Johnson Giveaway
I’ve got 10 Jack Johnson DVD’s to giveaway this week, and 1 back
catalogue (full collection). All you have to do is answer a couple
of simple questions: What sort of tree is Jack Johnson standing
under on his current album ‘In between Dreams’ cover…and
if you want the mega pack, WHY – why is he standing under it? Email
your answers here

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Friday, November 25, 2005

When I was younger I used to watch the vid "Kelly Slater in Black’n’white" non stop. He was only a little grom then…obviously ripped. I remember thinking black + white is pretty cool and spent subsequent years sticking my hands in trays of toxic chemicals processing black and white prints in my parent’s laundry. Today’s shots are in black’n’white (chemical free) to make the most of what little light was available under overcast skies. The ocean being the same colour as the skies…grey.

Frothas, you’d be limited to a few surf spots in Sydney this morning as the swell has dropped managing 2-3 footers at exposed beaches to this SE mini swell (mainly 2 footers). The NE winds were blowing early so you need to find a protected northern corner – such as North Narra where there was a few chest high waves – odd one bigger. High tide 4pm, Low tide 10am. Only 23 degrees today with a few showers. Surf looks crapola this weekend – north winds and 1-2 footers. Perhaps tomorrow check out Heat 2 of Miss Bondi at the Beach Road Hotel (2pm).
Today’s report comes from a Dee Why cafe thanks to the wireless genius of Unwired.
Don’t forget the Wonderland crew are having a New Years Eve bash at the Eastern in the Junga. Limited ticket’s from Parade Music Bondi 9365 1248 $38.
Have a good weekend ::uge

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

The wind is still blowing the wrong direction for this messy south swell. Bondi was around chest high today and pretty choppy/weak. Early morning cloud cover not making it any prettier. Winds will swing more east or even north east later today as some sunshine pokes its head out and heats up Sydney to 23 degrees. The swell will fade and the arvo’s northerly weather pattern will bring some wind swell for tomorrow…not worthy of much. To summarise these rambles – no good – you would�have to be keen.

If you received two reports yesterday – sorry – think we’ve rectified the problemo.
Regardless of surf conditions – have a good day. Not much happening until next week ::Uge

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Wednesday, November 23

Dark Grey morning. Hard to get out of bed on dayz like these…especially if you were at the Odyssey party last night – I think silly season is officially open. It’s a manky chest to head high, onshore and from the south east. The violent south change overnight whipped up the days swell, but it’s burgerish and merely wind chop on steroids. Expect a few showers and a top of 22 today. Not much joy for the rest of the week. Scottie beam me over to Hawaii.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

After a spike in swell yesterday afternoon we have some left-overs
this morning, nice clean 2-3 footers in the southern corner of Bondi.
Swell direction has swung a little more east and the winds are an
optimal NW (offshore at Bondi). This swell is a one hit wonder and
fading fast…especially with a 10am high tide making fat burgers
out of anything rideable. Winds will swing NE as the day cooks up
to 26 degrees. Much later today the clouds will rock in and may
produce the odd shower or two.
The Bondi Openair Cinema launches this week
with the Samsung Australian Surf Film Festival presented
by Quiksilver. Screenings are on Wednesday 23rd (already sold out)
and Thursday 24th of November at the Bondi Pavilion. There are only
few tickets left for the second screening so if you are keen to
join in the festivities book your tickets now at
Aquabumps is sponsor and you can get a glimpse of my best photos
during the show.








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Monday, November 21, 2005

There were a couple of bumps drifting into Bondi
this morning. Was breaking mostly around waist high and in the middle
of the bay. It’s a south swell so Bondi would be attracting
the most of it. It’s lacking grunt…so you’ll need
to ride a board with decent buoyancy. Fortunately it will pick up
this afternoon, and should get up around 4 foot at south facing
beaches before dropping slightly overnight. Light winds this morning
tending moderate east to north east in the afternoon. High tide
11:25am, low tide 6:24pm.
Heat 1 of Miss Bondi was held on Saturday at the Beach
Road Hotel. Bronte’s Nicky Margaret, Claudine Gibson, Bondi’s Michaela
Sutherland-Wong and Sarah Ray have got through to the finals…photos
will be posted tomorrow.
Now I’m no forecasting genius (photos are more my
gig) – loads of other sites forecast it much better than I…but
I’ll give it a crack and hopefully get better.







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Friday, November 18, 2005

What a stunning day to wake up to… crazy to
be living anywhere else at this time of year. Clear skies, no wind
and yup, a couple small waves lurking. Half the size of yesterday
– Bondi was breaking around waist to shoulder high, the odd set
bigger, nice’n’clean, but lacking the goolies of push. 9:23am high
tide making some decent sets into fluffy fat foam balls – not bad
if you’re just starting out. The inside shore break was really the
only option for bustin’ some fins out. So best surf when the tides
a little lower…but this swell is on the decline.
Winds will swing NE this afternoon whilst the day
heats up to a max of 26 degrees. Definitely a day for a swim/surf/bake/wakeboard/
actually anything but work.
Have you entered the Xrated fin giveaway? Click

Don’t forget to check out Heat 1 of Miss
Bondi tomorrow at the Beach Road Hotel. Starts at 2pm…Have
a great weekend, ::Uge (south of
the border)

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bondi was around 3-4 foot this morning, but the
chance of an early offshore breeze was pushed aside by menacing
onshore East South Easterlies. It’s bumpy and bit all over the place,
but surfable. Nothing much to froth about. High tide at 8:43am,
Low tide at 3:23pm.Tomorrow will be about half the size with North
winds making it a lot cleaner. Nice day tomorrow with 25 degrees
and sunny.
Caught up with big man Gezza Blake
this morning – half of Sydney already knows him. A very powerful
surfer, chick magnet, and all round good bloke…he’s been surfing
since he was 6 and it shows. Living in Bondi but originally from
Perth, now works at Quicksilver after a 5 year stint at Emap where
he was a writer for Tracks Mag. The Sanchez handlebar mo is raising
money for Movember…no
he’s not a part time p*rn star (I think).

You know you want em….a new set of high performance
XRated fiberglass fins. I’ve got 30 sets to give away and all you
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well that southern cold front definitely hit hard yesterday. Gotta love living right on the beach…but when a big storm like that kicks in you don’t sleep much with rattling doors and windows… huh-wot-insert dopey tired look. Also found parts of my barbie smashed through the neighbor’s sports car. Joy. I think you’d find one of my boards in Tama park.

Basically the winds haven’t backed off yet and the swell is a large 5-6 foot at Bondi. It’s a mess and pretty much unsurfable at exposed breaks so you’ll need to seek protection from the 30 knot SE winds (Manly?).
Turbulent rivers in Munich produce a stationary 3 foot bump in icy conditions. Thanks to Christine Jahn for words and photos. Click here
Surfboard fin technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. New shapes, new materials, inner foils, large range of sizes and even noodie piccies on the sides. Fiberglass fins are probably the most popular and I’ve got 30 sets of XRated fins on my desk itching to get in the water. If you want a set (valued at $76), you need to refer your mates to join the Aquabumps mailing list and you’ll be in the draw on Nov 30. One of your mates must actually subscribe qualify…the more that subscribe the more entries in the barrel. Click Here to Enter
Soul Riders is on tonight (16 Nov) at the North Bondi RSL at 8pm. $5 Entry at the door Film 1: Blue Yonder by Jimmy McMillan (Short Film Premiere), Film 2: Style Masters (Final Screening due to Popular Demand)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Looks all nice and summery down the beach at
5:30am this morning. No waves…but about 500 people exercising
under clear skies and two very patient surfers in the south optimistically
scanning the horizon for a bump of some sort. I didn’t see much
break over dem knee caps…
A group of all-night boozers were finishing up sunrise
drinks before stumbling across to Campbell parade for a Macca’s
breakky. Couldn’t see Ness getting amongst it. Strange. Her cask
of goon must have run out early. (4 litres just ain’t enough).
This sunny pretty picture will change mid morning
when a strong south change will hit Sydney bringing showers but
also some much needed swell for tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday
this week will be 4-5 foot at south facing beaches…which is exciting.
Wed – SW winds early, SE winds in the arvo.

You guys are a funny lot…Read
responses from last week…

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Bondi 7am – dribblesYeah it’s pretty much flat this morning. Some freaky waist-high sets rockin’ in if you wait long enough. You’d be a more patient man than I. The crystal ball says some decent chunks heading our way for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week…nice… the fun starts tomorrow afternoon with a new south swell. Expect about 5 footers @ Bondi on Wednesday morning with early SW winds. Today’s High tide 6:30am, Low tide 1pm. Water was a decent 19 degrees. Maximum land temperature 25 degrees today and mostly fine.

WONDERLAND NEW YEARS EVE 2005 @ The EasternBondi’s favourite NYE event returns to The Eastern in the Junga. 3 floors of entertainment including Funky House, Soul & Rare Groove and LIVE Acoustic Acts… something for everyone! Don’t miss out…limited tickets ($38) from Parade Music Bondi 9365 1248. 9pm until late. Even main man Simon Pogmore is heading back from NZ to play.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

All happening down at Bondi this morning. AJ Hackett did his 300 metre bungy jump off a chopper breaking the world record height…looked like fun.

Finally the swell has switched direction after last nights south change…we now have a small, short interval (wind generated) swell from the south producing rideable waves at Bondi. South Bondi has waist to chest high sets – predominantly closing out straight. This swell should turn into a nice little ground swell tomorrow as the interval doubles from 6 sec to 11 sec overnight (bigger the gap – da better).
How cold is the water! Frosty 17 degrees…and the morning SW offshores had a bit of bite to them as well. Much cooler day with 23 degrees…don’t be fooled – wear your wetsuit.
Let Lucy Live – The Grey Nurse Shark Conservation GroupCome join in the fun on Manly Corso tomorrow and have your say to Let Lucy Live. Sat 12th Nov, 1-3pm, media stunt: 2.30 @ Manly Corso. Speakers include Shark Legend Valerie Taylor. More info

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How good is Kelly Slater. He’s just won his SEVENTH world title in Brazil. The man is a freak. At 33 years of age that’s pretty incredible proving himself to be one of the greatest surfers of all time. More

You can feel it already…she’s gonna cook today – and you thought yesterday was hot. I’m talking feisty thirty-5 degrees and muggy. At this point you’d be thinking at work…can this job wait…do I have to be here all day…is the flu coming on? You won’t be dodging work for the waves – as there pretty much nothing around. The biggest wave you’d find would be at NE swell magnets attracting knee-waist high chop. Bondi was near flat and pretty much unsurfable (yep people were still out). Clouds will cover Sydney this arvo bringing a few showers and thunderstorms ahead of late south change. Tomorrow the temp will drastically drop to 23 degrees and a brand spankin’ south swell will build into Friday afternoon. South swell for the weekend around head high…dang!
Things to do:

Come down to Bondi at 8am tomorrow to see AJ Hackett do a 300m bungy jump from a chopper. More
Check out the 5th Annual Bondi Short Film Festival on the 26th November. More
Enter the Panasonic Surf Shorts competition and you could win 10 grand. Entries close 5pm 28th November and your surf flick needs to be 7 minutes long. More
‘A Diamond Mind’ discussion with Senior Lama Ole Nydahl at Avalon Recreation Centre, 59a Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon at 8pm on the 15th November. More

Thanks for all your submissions into Bondi Idiosyncrasies…"you know when it’s summer in Bondi when…"You guys are pretty funny. I will post them up soon.
Later, Yooj

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

There was a little bump earlier today (see pic at 5:30am to prove I was up). East North East wind swell chopped up a few chest highs at exposed beaches around 7am, but now (3:40pm)…only dribbly bits left and the North Easter is blowing. So where the hell’s your morning report…off doing stuff…it’s the late show today. I’d like to say I was surfing…tucking into tubular action…but no such luck here. But you know what?… It’s a salubrious day – all thirty fat degrees of it – so lap it up.

You know summers hit Bondee when:

When you don’t hear English spoken in South Bondi.(in fact 90% of Bondi)
It takes 2 hours to park your car, and there’s probably an old discarded mattress blocking you from access
There are people having a few beers at Ravesis around 9am.(on a Tuesday)
People think Bondi is a camping ground and pitch a tent overnight
I find passed out backpackers head first in the sand at 6am – with undies in their pockets
The promenade looks more like a Paris fashion show with some of the world’s most beautiful women (and men I guess). You fall in love many times a day.
You hear car stereos that could power the Big Day Out
Dimitri is a 5% shade darker than he normally is
Think you get the gist…email me some funny Bondi idiosyncrasies to win gold bullion, houses, trips around the world…orkay maybe an Aquabumps tee.

Enjoy. Uge

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Unrelenting early morning rain not painting a pretty picture down Bondi. The good news is that the swell has come up from the NE and you’d find 2-3 footers at exposed beaches. South facing Bondi was only drawing knee to waist high dribbles…should get bigger this afternoon. The water looks pretty grubby, so if you’re surfing – keep your mouth closed…
Rather than 5 boring shots from the car window of a deserted rainy beach, I thought I would throw in some bits and pieces – stuff you haven’t seen before…
World Record Jump Attempt This Friday 8am over BondiLately is been Taj jumping out of Choppers into the surf…but this time it’s Madman AJ Hackett, the founder of modern day Bungy. Hackett will be jumping out of a chopper over Bondi this Friday at 8am. He will be jumping from a height of 300 metres which will hopefully break the current Guinness World Record. All is welcome to come down and watch this record attempt. More

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Monday, November 07, 2005

We begin a brand new week with lacking surf conditions.
Boo. Dribbling East swell only managing to produce waist high waves
in the south corner of Bondi. Good if you’re learning I guess. North
East winds will crank this afternoon generating some waves for tomorrow,
mainly short interval wind waves (ocean chop on Steriods), but at
least it will be better than today. Partly cloudy day with a top
of 23 degrees. Low tide 5:07am, with a midday high tide. The water
felt warmer on the weekend, but this afternoon’s strong North Easters
will bring back the chill tomorrow…
Sculpture by the Sea 3-20 November.
In its 9th year, the exhibition has begun along the walk from Bondi
to Tama. Thousands (correction millions) came down over the weekend
to check it out. Over 100 works litter the coastal walk. More
Watch out for the bus loads of parking inspectors…they’re
all over it.
Tonight on ABC’s Australian story, Local 26 year old Maroubra surfer
Koby Abberton will featuring. More
Have a great week. ::Uge

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Friday, November 04, 2005

The ENE swell dropped a few notches last night leaving us 2 foot weak wonders in the southern corner of Bondi this morning. Much better yesterday. As I write the south change is kicking in making a mess of things… so early session was really the only option. Much cooler day with 23 degrees and overcast skies. A new SE swell (haven’t had one of those in a while) will hit Sydney tomorrow, nothing substantial and smothered with onshore SE winds and rain. Sunday might have a few small ones around with better weather and Northerly winds.

Koby AbbertonBig wave surfer Koby Abberton will be featuring on ABC’s Australian Story on Monday November 7th at 8pm. More
Charity event on at Waverley Bowling Club tonight (163-189 Birrell St Waverley) starting at 7pm – raising money for kids who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS in Africa. $15 entry, everyone welcome. Comedians, DJs and Bands…call Joey on 0407 067 781 for more information.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ohh noooice. Crackin’ 29 degrees today. Gotta love that. As predicted the NE swell came up overnight as well producing waves around 3-4 foot at exposed beaches. Bondi was only around 2-3 foot not facing this swell direction. NE winds kicked in early after a pocket of sunrise offshores (NW). It’s not 100% clean with this wind…really need some decent banks for this swell to work on…but at least there is some swell. High tide 8.37am Low tide 3.10pm. The weather will change tomorrow with showers…so lap it up today.
This swell will slightly increase this afternoon before dropping a notch tomorrow.
Have a great day. ::Ugios

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dum de dum… whilst Fingers tapping on the desk.
Dribbly bits only this morning. Nothing much to surf. It’s going
to change tonight when a North East swell picks up and should produce
head high sets at exposed beaches tomorrow before tapering off on
Friday. Light to moderate north to northeast winds, freshening in
afternoon. Max temperature on land 25 degrees, warmer 27 tomorrow.

Alejandro Rolandi Exhibition at Underwater
Australia Gallery
Like the mythological sirens and nymphs that have inspired
artists throughout the centuries, Alejandro Rolandi’s amazing Serenas
will captivate and lure the viewer into their liquid realm.
From Thursday November 3 to Wednesday November 16,
Sydneysiders will be able to catch a rare glimpse of these beautiful
creatures at Underwater Australia Gallery in Woollahra. Website

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Le East swell has come up a little, and
you’d find waves around waist to sometimes chest high down at overcast
Bondee. Not much grunt. East swell direction not best suiting Bondi
especially with a 7 second interval (small gap between waves). Winds
are onshore (ENE) 5 knots and will swing more around to the NE this
afternoon. It’s orrkaay (ish). Surfable, best suited to the beginners.
Showers and cloudy day with a maximum of 24 degrees. Water
temperature edging closer to 20 degrees.
And the moment you’ve all been waiting for – who wins
the brand new custom made Aloha surfboard! Firstly thanks to everyone
that participated.

Special thanks to our buddies at Aloha.
There will be another comp coming up in the next few
days. I have to say it’s pretty disappointing to see those people
that tried to cheat and start 50 fake email accounts and subscribe
them all. C’mon it’s pretty obvious (big brother watches all) and
just stuffs up my database as now we’re having a great time weeding
the duds out.
If you lucked out on today’s Aloha comp, best
of luck on the Melbourne Cup today…
MOVEMBER – If you haven?t
yet registered for Movember do it now! Register online at
and get growing!

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