Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good morning all…There’s a lot more east in these morning chunks
today…real fun ones too. Bond-age breaking 3-4 foot, clean, lil’
wonky, crowded and requiring diet pills with an 8 a.m high tide
fatness. Closer to 2:30pm low tide should bring you more joy. Light
offshore NW winds which will swing standard NE this afternoon.

Real overcast day, showers and thunderstorms. Only
23 degrees today…

I get around 100 emails a day from subscribers…there
is always a funny one…
"Dear Uge: I receive Aquabumps because my American daughter
lives in Sydney. I love Aquabumps and you, but you cannot spell.
My sons can’t spell either, but I love them too. Love, MaMa Peggy"
From Portland, Oregon US

You have up until 5pm today to enter the Mega X-Rated fin giveaway
today. I have 30 sets of these top notch fiberglass fins on my desk
looking for a home. All you have to do is tell a few friends about
Aquabumps. Gimme
FINS mofo

Don’t forget North Bondi RSL tonight at 8pm for the Australian Premiere
of Fin. Super special guest / film-maker Ira Opper is rockin up

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