Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bondi was around 3-4 foot this morning, but the
chance of an early offshore breeze was pushed aside by menacing
onshore East South Easterlies. It’s bumpy and bit all over the place,
but surfable. Nothing much to froth about. High tide at 8:43am,
Low tide at 3:23pm.Tomorrow will be about half the size with North
winds making it a lot cleaner. Nice day tomorrow with 25 degrees
and sunny.

Caught up with big man Gezza Blake
this morning – half of Sydney already knows him. A very powerful
surfer, chick magnet, and all round good bloke…he’s been surfing
since he was 6 and it shows. Living in Bondi but originally from
Perth, now works at Quicksilver after a 5 year stint at Emap where
he was a writer for Tracks Mag. The Sanchez handlebar mo is raising
money for Movember…no
he’s not a part time p*rn star (I think).

You know you want em….a new set of high performance
XRated fiberglass fins. I’ve got 30 sets to give away and all you
have to do is tell a few friends about Aquabumps. If you have no
friends perhaps subscribe a few work colleages or get out more.
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