Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well that southern cold front definitely hit hard yesterday. Gotta love living right on the beach…but when a big storm like that kicks in you don’t sleep much with rattling doors and windows… huh-wot-insert dopey tired look. Also found parts of my barbie smashed through the neighbor’s sports car. Joy. I think you’d find one of my boards in Tama park.

Basically the winds haven’t backed off yet and the swell is a large 5-6 foot at Bondi. It’s a mess and pretty much unsurfable at exposed breaks so you’ll need to seek protection from the 30 knot SE winds (Manly?).

Turbulent rivers in Munich produce a stationary 3 foot bump in icy conditions. Thanks to Christine Jahn for words and photos. Click here

Surfboard fin technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. New shapes, new materials, inner foils, large range of sizes and even noodie piccies on the sides. Fiberglass fins are probably the most popular and I’ve got 30 sets of XRated fins on my desk itching to get in the water. If you want a set (valued at $76), you need to refer your mates to join the Aquabumps mailing list and you’ll be in the draw on Nov 30. One of your mates must actually subscribe qualify…the more that subscribe the more entries in the barrel. Click Here to Enter

Soul Riders is on tonight (16 Nov) at the North Bondi RSL at 8pm. $5 Entry at the door Film 1: Blue Yonder by Jimmy McMillan (Short Film Premiere), Film 2: Style Masters (Final Screening due to Popular Demand)

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