Monday, November 28, 2005

After yesterday’s belting south change we’ve
got some swell today. Early morning SW winds were making it surfable
with waves around 4-5 foot at Bondi. Strangely the winds will swing
north westerly this afternoon – and blow pretty strong. The last
time I checked it at 9am it was looking pretty funky/wonky…perhaps
it will improve with a change of winds this afternoon. Chilly day
– only 19…go find your steamer.

Had trouble getting shots today in torrential rain,
so I thought you’d like to see some hot shots from the boyz at STAB
…their new issue is out now.View
latest STAB cover

Jack's Covers

Jack Johnson Giveaway
I’ve got 10 Jack Johnson DVD’s to giveaway this week, and 1 back
catalogue (full collection). All you have to do is answer a couple
of simple questions: What sort of tree is Jack Johnson standing
under on his current album ‘In between Dreams’ cover
if you want the mega pack, WHY – why is he standing under it? Email
your answers here

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