Thursday, November 10, 2005

How good is Kelly Slater. He’s just won his SEVENTH world title in Brazil. The man is a freak. At 33 years of age that’s pretty incredible proving himself to be one of the greatest surfers of all time. More

You can feel it already…she’s gonna cook today – and you thought yesterday was hot. I’m talking feisty thirty-5 degrees and muggy. At this point you’d be thinking at work…can this job wait…do I have to be here all day…is the flu coming on? You won’t be dodging work for the waves – as there pretty much nothing around. The biggest wave you’d find would be at NE swell magnets attracting knee-waist high chop. Bondi was near flat and pretty much unsurfable (yep people were still out). Clouds will cover Sydney this arvo bringing a few showers and thunderstorms ahead of late south change. Tomorrow the temp will drastically drop to 23 degrees and a brand spankin’ south swell will build into Friday afternoon. South swell for the weekend around head high…dang!

Things to do:

  • Come down to Bondi at 8am tomorrow to see AJ Hackett do a 300m bungy jump from a chopper. More
  • Check out the 5th Annual Bondi Short Film Festival on the 26th November. More
  • Enter the Panasonic Surf Shorts competition and you could win 10 grand. Entries close 5pm 28th November and your surf flick needs to be 7 minutes long. More
  • ‘A Diamond Mind’ discussion with Senior Lama Ole Nydahl at Avalon Recreation Centre, 59a Old Barrenjoey Rd, Avalon at 8pm on the 15th November. More

Thanks for all your submissions into Bondi Idiosyncrasies…"you know when it’s summer in Bondi when…"You guys are pretty funny. I will post them up soon.

Later, Yooj

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