Friday, June 30, 2006

This stealth south swell continues to deliver small waist high waves into Bondiville this morning. Two distinct peaks had the odd wave…but you’d have to be patient in the lulls. Cold wintery day with overcast skies, currently 12 degrees. A good day to crank out the work. High tide 11:30am, Low tide 5pm. Light winds for the rest of the day WNW.

South change will kick in on Sunday bringing a new swell for Monday and Tuesday. Expect it to be around 5 foot early next week. Weekend looks grim for a surf – weed that back yard, colour co-ordinate the book shelf, come see the Aquabumps Gallery, shopping with the girlie (you might bump into those Page bros – they’ve changed).
Later, uge
PS – Aquabumps Gallery, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi, Next door to the old Brown Sugar. 10am – 4pm Sat/Sun. Go into the 3 Eggs Caf� and ask Cakey where is Brown Sugar. He hates that. Hurl abuse at him if you feel the urge.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Those that brave the chill will be greeted with 2-3 foot, offshore Bondye this morning. It’s not perfect, closing out in most cases, but worthy of a slashathon. Multiple peaks in operation, predominantly lefts with boggy fat sections. Water has dropped to 18 degrees whilst the land temp is 7 – 18 degrees. Winds are currently from the west, and will swing NE later. High tide 11am, Low tide 4:15pm. Now that’s a very factual surf report – must be that strong coffee. Mouse is smoking hence early bird today. There are whales about…it’s that time of year. Luego::uge

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wearing 4 layers…including puff daddy, kicking that tin can over
the hill before sunrise expecting to find pancake heaven, when wot
tha, eh, nice little chest high peaks rockin in at sunrise. Don’t
know where they came from or how long they’ll hang around (probably
gone by the time you get this), but it’s offshore, small and fun.
Winds will become variable in the afternoon, max 19 degrees and
perfectly sunny. Nothing substantial on the swell radar…the good
news is the legendary left looks likes its coming back in the south.
Adios, uge
pssttt…good article in Radar, SMH today – go the

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Every good run has to have an end… today is the first day of ankle biters after weeks of surfable waves. Swell has deteriorated overnight leaving us with weak knee cappers in the middle on Bondiville. Only 4 guys out enjoying the sunny (but chilly) conditions. Good day to lie on the grass in the park and get some winter sun. Later::yooj

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hola. The early morning high tide porked out any rideable bumps this morning. Swell has dropped and now south facing beaches will have 1-2 foot waves with chilly SW offshore winds. It’s really pretty ordinary and the beach is deserted. Approaching lower tide should improve conditions before the southerly blows and messes it up again. Another chilly day of 17 degrees with 19 degree water. Tomorrow looks to be smaller…

Last Friday Andy Irons won the Rip Curl Search WCT event somewhere in Mexico. The former 3 time world champ is now in the hot seat to challenge Slater for the world crown. How good did that mystery hollow right look? Snappers twin? What I would give…watch video footage online
Samudra are surf and yoga retreats up at Byron Bay. Good opportunity for some chill time and warmer conditions. They’re now taking bookings for September – more info

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Friday, June 23, 2006

The talk of the town this morning ain’t the surf that’s for sure… Proud Aussie flags have popped out from every nook and cranny basking in the joy of last night’s draw between our ‘Roos and Croatia. Dang

For those that managed to get out of bed there are a few small waves in our back paddocks. Currently we’ve got a summer like Northerly wind pattern (NW early, NE later) with a fickle East swell 1- 2m. This translates to surfable Bondi at waist to head high sets with a heap of bump in your chunk around 7am. Pity summer temperatures didn’t follow those northerly winds. Only a wussy 19 degrees today and 17 for weekend.
Should be a good weekend’s surfing with offshore winds for most and small but rideable 3 footers for both Saturday and Sunday. So my suggestion for the weekend would be to surf early, come eat pesto eggs at 3 eggs (old brown sugar – get discount if you call Cakey a knob, try for a free breakky if ya poke Cakey in the eye), and then visit the Aquabumps Rancho Deluxo Gallery next door 10am-4pm(sat/sun) 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi map. Fill those blank walls with hydro joy – sneak preview…aidos,ugio south de border

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today’s no oil painting – that’s for sure. Not unless Turner is one of your favourite painters. Under a thick ban of black clouds waves broke around 2 – 3 foot this morning down at Bondi. The swell has tweaked direction back around to the east origin and the ESE onshore is mashing up surface quality. So it’s junky, random and bumpy…

BigPond have released a new product called BigBlog. What’s a blog? Well kinda like Aquabumps really – a home for pics and text on the web updated regularly. You can now update your blog directly from your mobile. Go nuts. Info

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think it was better earlier. A cold kept me in the rack this morning (hold the violins pls)…so by the time I got down there onshore winds had started disrupting surface quality. It’s still around the 3 foot range with a favorable leftie close to the middle Bondiville. 3 guys out under dark rain clouds. Hard to get a decent shot this morning so I dug out some Tahitian gold to bring back a slice of summer into your day. How blue is that water. Freaky.

For the first two weeks of July, Aquabumps will be broadcasted from a boat in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia…thanks to our buddies at Telstra for supplying a Satellite internet connection (considering there’s pretty much no infrastructure out there it’s pretty special to get internet access). This trip you’ll see pics from deep northern islands, Hinakos, Simalue etc.
Some more random facts for a rainy day – 18,700 people subscribe to the Aquabumps daily email (growing daily). A further 1,500 check out this report on the homepage of 7,200 people opened this email within 2 hours of me hitting the fat SEND button. On an average day 50 people email in with feedback and comments from all over the world. Aquabumps recipients are everywhere – Japan, South Africa, US, Brazil, Tahiti, UK (000’s up there), Italy, Poland, Dubai, Morocco, France, and Netherlands – hell someone even subscribed from Russia!
Enough rambling distractions. Laters::uge

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eh?(scratching head)… Thought it was meant to back off – nup, swell is still lingering with 3-4 foot sets pumping into Bondiville. Gentle offshore winds making for perfect surfaces – mad sunrise this morning. Winds will swing onshore so I’d be hitting it early. You’ll find waves all over the place, The Nulla, Curly, Narra. We’re on a roll here with this swell – waves every day lately – alleluia. They’d be happy man grommets around the joint – High tide 4pm, low tide 9:30am.

The next WCT surfing event is about to begin somewhere in Mexico. The 5th stop in an 11 stop tour looks to be blessed with some chunky swells. Defending Mick EUGENE (cool name) Fanning is frothn’ as he reckons the conditions are like his home break, Snapper Rocks. So after the lefts of Tahiti and Fiji we not hook into some whippy round rights – perfect for our smiling assasin to take out this Rip Curl Pro. Watch it live as it should kick off later today –
adios amigos::ugios (south de border)

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Monday, June 19, 2006

There are waves but it seems no one is surfing
them… Still in bed perhaps after watching the ‘roos? Or this early
more chill getting the better of us. Bondi had a wonky wave..a right
in the south which had a quick section before blubbering into fatness.
I thought it dropped overnight – say around 3 foot
at south facing beaches (7am), but as I just drove past the beach
(10am) I saw a chunky freak set around 6 foot – 1 of a kind. It’s
a bit random…one wave you might get a sucky slab like Wheeloid’s
(which he reckons is the best tube he’s scored at bondiville), then
your next wave would be a train smash.
High tide 3pm, low tide 8:37am, 19 degree water, 17
degrees on land. Smaller tomorrow.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Our back paddock’s got lots to graze of today, and it’s only gonna get bigger (but not necessarily better). Swell has increased a tad overnight (say 4 foot), consistency high, and there are plenty of lines queuing up out the back.

The 6am low tide was making it shut down, but conditions will improve closer to the midday high tide. One problem is that the frosty south westerly offshore will swing more southerly later in the day. Best part is that there’s plenty of swell for the weekend as this afternoon it should double in size.
10am today the tsubi sale opens. 283 Young Street, Waterloo. 10am to 5pm all weekend.
Swim for lifeThe Swim for Life is a fund raising initiative (in the form of a swimming festival) presented by the Nelune Rajapakse Cancer Appeal and hosted by the world’s famous Bondi Icebergs Winter Swimming Club.
We warmly welcome you to come down for a swim, celebrate life and cleanse your soul by racing against your friends in the chilly waters of the Icebergs pool on July 16.
Details on how to enter Swim for Life can be found at – there is a 10 person a side 50M relay as well as open men’s and women’s 50M championship events – then a BBQ and presentation drinks in the club after the swims.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Still the goods down here at the beach. South
facing beaches extracting the most out of this swell. You’ll find
waves around head high, sunshine and SW winds. High tide 11am, low
tide 5am. More swell hitting this weekend – The gods favor us.
What do two Bondi mofos; a stuntman
and a fireman have in common? Well not much really
apart from the fact that they’re fitness lunatics and they want
to star in some sort of pinup calendar together (hopefully not in
the same shot). Gezza Blake and Stuntman
Nig are starting up a Fitness regime this Saturday at Centennial
Park (Randwick Gates) for $15 a session (equipment provided). The
session will incorporate boxing, strength and core work. All levels
of fitness – Gezza or Nigsy – [email protected]
or 0406 585 338 – chance to burn off those winter
flabby bits.
Otherwise cover those flabby bits with some
new duds – Tsubi
sale starts tomorrow. Location: 283 Young Street, Waterloo,
10am to 5pm, Some good stuff, Some crap stuff- all cheap stuff,
All 50-80% off. Dates: 16 – 18 June

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You don’t have to be a swell forecasting genius to work out there’s good waves today. I rate it. Not only is this south swell continuing to pump 3-4 footers into Bondi after declining overnight, we’ve got great light under perfectly clear skies and a forecast for all day offshores. The only deterrent I can foresee is the early morning chill (7 at 7), but once you’re in the water it’s a deluxe 19 degrees. Loads of places would have a fun wave…especially those beaches facing south. High tide 10:15am, low tide 3:40pm, water 19, land max 17 degrees. South west winds all day. Swell will drop a gear again tomorrow. Adios::uge

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Struth. I reckon everywhere except Eastern Suburbs beaches are going
off today. Northern beaches looks like fields of clover…north
& south coast would be on fire. Bondi was large (6ft – 8ft)
with one lone wolf out at 7am in the south end…small hungry pack
on a sucky 3 foot left in the north end (which included Damion Fuller
on a make shift knee board – he’s so changed). Couple of good double
ups, a few tubes.
Basically exposed south facing beaches are overloaded
so seek protection of a point break and enjoy the sunshine and fun
waves after 10 days of rain! High tide 9:30am, low tide 2:50pm,
water 19, land 17, sunny, offshore sw winds.
The rat
pack at tsubi are having their annual sale this Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. Some good stuff, Some crap stuff- all cheap stuff. All
50-80% off, Location: 283 Young Street, Waterloo 10am – 5pm

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Friday, June 09, 2006

In a cheap attempt to brighten up your day on
this very grey morning – meet the Aquabumps Acid Hypercolor
Edition. The whole two shots I took today from the car
in the rain just didn’t cut the mustard. Put on the 3-d glasses
and stare at the screen – you might hear Black Sabbath at 78 speed.
Waves are smaller as the SE swell slips a gear. Bondi
was semi surfable with 2 footers, SW winds early, SE later, low
tide 12pm, high tide 6:30pm. Not that exciting. Smaller tomorrow
before beefy chunks on Sunday (4ft) and Monday (6ft) (but howling
southerlies so seek protection). A wet long weekend ahead of us
– rug up, stoke the fire find the furry rug.
Local boyz Jada are playing at the
Ruby Rabbit tonight. 231 Oxford St Darlinghurst at 8pm.
Nice ride – What the new Kombi
is out? About time. I reckon you can fit a couple of quivers in
this bad boy. Perfect for the roadie up the coast.
Scared of your own shadow? new shadow boxes are in
at Bumps Gallery. $490 for 30" x 20". Show

Have a good long weekend. luego::uge

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The clouds have momentarily parted this morning…yes that insistent rain has stopped. Nice clean surfaces amongst 2-3 footers down at Bondi. Swell is from the SE and a few fun lefts on offer. High tide 6pm, 11:309am low tide, water 19 degrees with a max land temp of 18. SW winds now, SE later. Swell predictions for the long weekend have improved, Sunday should show a new swell flanked with strong winds. Adios, ugios

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There’s been a fat cloud sitting over Sydney
for the past week dribbling on us. Surely its gotta run out of juice
soon. On the bright side…the car has never looked so clean, ah
huh & you seem to be able to park anywhere in Bondi and I don’t
even have to queue of for a table at Gelbisons. The joint is deserted.
Land and water. Only a handful of guys out this morning picking
off 2 -3 footers. It’s clean with SW offshores but the swell is
unsettled, weak & wonky. Surfable but a grovel. Swell is declining…rest
of the week looks lame.
The outlook for the long weekend – rain and
small waves – no kiddin. Hypothetically if you were keen on
a Mentawai trip, but didn’t have enough brownie points with
the girlie, I’d be booking a long weekend up in the Blue Mountains…’cause
you’re not gonna miss much on the coast. Cook up those brownie
Email from Aquabumps reader:
"The first thing I do
every morning upon arrival at work is check aquabumps, it reminds
me of the important things in life. I have to laugh when you tell
me how hard winter is as I emerge from my third winter in London.
Come on – 18C, that’s time for the wetsuit to go away and break
out the boardies. Keep the great pics coming."
Gareck W. London
One more thing, Aquabumps subscribers will score
a new ipod shuffle if you hook up with a Citibank Gold Credit Card

Later folks.yooj.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hands up who’s not keen on this weather. We’re 6 days into winter and I’m over it already. Yesterday was off the scale cold for this time of year (twelve?). The rain continues today, as it has done for some days now, and will continue for another 3 days. Ugly morning down at Bondi with semi-surfable 3 footers – but there is no quality – wonky, shuttin’ down, bit random (bit like Wal at the pub). Best bet would be Manly as the swell is from the SE now and out of the wind. SW winds early, SE later. Keep the mouth close upon duck dive – lots of storm water run off seeping into out beaches. not much swell for the rest of the week.

Rather than show you 5 photos of grey, wet, wonky winter bumps I’d rather change channels to a warm Tahitian utopia, where the water is clear and 26 degrees, where the waves are probably cranking and you don’t have to wear much more than boardies all day (insert hazy dream fuzz). Best go to the travel agent today.
ABC reports : Manly’s Surf instructor Matt Grainger claims to have broken a world record for the largest number of riders on a single wave. On May 31 with 46 people riding a single bump, it’s now up to the Irish Guinness crew to make a call if it’s official record. Sounds like a standard crowded summers Sunday down at Bondi to me.
Sydney is to host the richest ASP women’s world tour surfing event in October. 17 of the world’s top ranked girls will be competing for $100k prize stash at our Manly beach.
Local Bondi shredder Mick Marjanovic won the open men’s Southside Eliminations on the weekend. nice one.
Info overload. Laters::huge

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Hi Chinas. Small waves today, but very clean. Say knee to waist high. At least the sun is out. I’d be calling a lay day as the imminent weekend’s south swell looks much more exciting. Tomorrow midday you’ll see a rapid increase in size up to 5 foot before Sunday’s boomer 6 – 8 foot beefy chunks.

It’s going to be windy over the weekend with howling offshores from the w/sw – combine this with an overcast sky/rain and you’ll think you’re surfing in a cryogenic chamber. Suit up. High tide 1pm, low tide 7am. Water 19. Chilly 17 degrees on land today – winter is here.
The Aquabumps gallery is open 10am to 4pm all weekend. 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi (that be next to 3 eggs caf� the old Brown Sugar). Speaking of which, 3 eggs will cook ya a full deluxo breakky for $12.90 Fresh juice, coffee, eggs + side if you come in and call Cakey in the kitchen a ‘knob’ before 9am. He is a knob, you’ll see what I mean.
More things to do on the weekend – Surfection has a wettie sale on. See Jules and tell him you’re from Aquabumps for the specials. You can try calling him a knob as well if you like…but the prices might go up.
Hope you score waves on the weekend. uge

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Smaller and a bit on the manky side. Sets mainly closing out (standard) 2-3 foot. Early SW winds with 19 degree max. Pretty much the same as the past few days. You can surf, but you won’t be bragging to your mates about it. High tide 12:15pm, low tide 5:30pm, water 20 degrees.

What’s more exciting is what’s going down this weekend – large south swell headed in our direction yeeoow. How big boss? Saturday 4 ft, Sunday pumping 6 ft. It will be a wintery weekend with rain and grey skies – but at least there will be some solid stuff to sample.
I’m currently selling some of my photo gear on ebay. So if you’re in the market for a Canon 10D body or matching rare custom made water housing with all the fruit best get your bid in before Sunday’s auction end. Lots of people asking me if my housing will fit the newer Canon 20D body – and YES – it fits (tested with 15mm fisheye, 20d and dome port). If keen – drop by gallery on Saturday to check it out 10am to 4pm, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi (next door to the old Brown Sugar)
Work hard ’cause you’ll score surf this weekend. Later::Oogi (that’s how the dutch like to say it.)

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