Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think it was better earlier. A cold kept me in the rack this morning (hold the violins pls)…so by the time I got down there onshore winds had started disrupting surface quality. It’s still around the 3 foot range with a favorable leftie close to the middle Bondiville. 3 guys out under dark rain clouds. Hard to get a decent shot this morning so I dug out some Tahitian gold to bring back a slice of summer into your day. How blue is that water. Freaky.

For the first two weeks of July, Aquabumps will be broadcasted from a boat in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia…thanks to our buddies at Telstra for supplying a Satellite internet connection (considering there’s pretty much no infrastructure out there it’s pretty special to get internet access). This trip you’ll see pics from deep northern islands, Hinakos, Simalue etc.

Some more random facts for a rainy day – 18,700 people subscribe to the Aquabumps daily email (growing daily). A further 1,500 check out this report on the homepage of 7,200 people opened this email within 2 hours of me hitting the fat SEND button. On an average day 50 people email in with feedback and comments from all over the world. Aquabumps recipients are everywhere – Japan, South Africa, US, Brazil, Tahiti, UK (000’s up there), Italy, Poland, Dubai, Morocco, France, and Netherlands – hell someone even subscribed from Russia!

Enough rambling distractions. Laters::uge

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