Friday, June 30, 2006

This stealth south swell continues to deliver small waist high waves into Bondiville this morning. Two distinct peaks had the odd wave…but you’d have to be patient in the lulls. Cold wintery day with overcast skies, currently 12 degrees. A good day to crank out the work. High tide 11:30am, Low tide 5pm. Light winds for the rest of the day WNW.

South change will kick in on Sunday bringing a new swell for Monday and Tuesday. Expect it to be around 5 foot early next week. Weekend looks grim for a surf – weed that back yard, colour co-ordinate the book shelf, come see the Aquabumps Gallery, shopping with the girlie (you might bump into those Page bros – they’ve changed).

Later, uge

PS – Aquabumps Gallery, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi, Next door to the old Brown Sugar. 10am – 4pm Sat/Sun. Go into the 3 Eggs Caf´┐Ż and ask Cakey where is Brown Sugar. He hates that. Hurl abuse at him if you feel the urge.

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