Wednesday, June 07, 2006

There’s been a fat cloud sitting over Sydney
for the past week dribbling on us. Surely its gotta run out of juice
soon. On the bright side…the car has never looked so clean, ah
huh & you seem to be able to park anywhere in Bondi and I don’t
even have to queue of for a table at Gelbisons. The joint is deserted.
Land and water. Only a handful of guys out this morning picking
off 2 -3 footers. It’s clean with SW offshores but the swell is
unsettled, weak & wonky. Surfable but a grovel. Swell is declining…rest
of the week looks lame.

The outlook for the long weekend – rain and
small waves – no kiddin. Hypothetically if you were keen on
a Mentawai trip, but didn’t have enough brownie points with
the girlie, I’d be booking a long weekend up in the Blue Mountains…’cause
you’re not gonna miss much on the coast. Cook up those brownie

Email from Aquabumps reader:
"The first thing I do
every morning upon arrival at work is check aquabumps, it reminds
me of the important things in life. I have to laugh when you tell
me how hard winter is as I emerge from my third winter in London.
Come on – 18C, that’s time for the wetsuit to go away and break
out the boardies. Keep the great pics coming."

Gareck W. London

One more thing, Aquabumps subscribers will score
a new ipod shuffle if you hook up with a Citibank Gold Credit Card

Later folks.yooj.

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