Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hands up who’s not keen on this weather. We’re 6 days into winter and I’m over it already. Yesterday was off the scale cold for this time of year (twelve?). The rain continues today, as it has done for some days now, and will continue for another 3 days. Ugly morning down at Bondi with semi-surfable 3 footers – but there is no quality – wonky, shuttin’ down, bit random (bit like Wal at the pub). Best bet would be Manly as the swell is from the SE now and out of the wind. SW winds early, SE later. Keep the mouth close upon duck dive – lots of storm water run off seeping into out beaches. not much swell for the rest of the week.

Rather than show you 5 photos of grey, wet, wonky winter bumps I’d rather change channels to a warm Tahitian utopia, where the water is clear and 26 degrees, where the waves are probably cranking and you don’t have to wear much more than boardies all day (insert hazy dream fuzz). Best go to the travel agent today.

ABC reports : Manly’s Surf instructor Matt Grainger claims to have broken a world record for the largest number of riders on a single wave. On May 31 with 46 people riding a single bump, it’s now up to the Irish Guinness crew to make a call if it’s official record. Sounds like a standard crowded summers Sunday down at Bondi to me.

Sydney is to host the richest ASP women’s world tour surfing event in October. 17 of the world’s top ranked girls will be competing for $100k prize stash at our Manly beach.

Local Bondi shredder Mick Marjanovic won the open men’s Southside Eliminations on the weekend. nice one.

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