Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Struth. I reckon everywhere except Eastern Suburbs beaches are going
off today. Northern beaches looks like fields of clover…north
& south coast would be on fire. Bondi was large (6ft – 8ft)
with one lone wolf out at 7am in the south end…small hungry pack
on a sucky 3 foot left in the north end (which included Damion Fuller
on a make shift knee board – he’s so changed). Couple of good double
ups, a few tubes.

Basically exposed south facing beaches are overloaded
so seek protection of a point break and enjoy the sunshine and fun
waves after 10 days of rain! High tide 9:30am, low tide 2:50pm,
water 19, land 17, sunny, offshore sw winds.

The rat
pack at tsubi are having their annual sale this Friday, Saturday
and Sunday. Some good stuff, Some crap stuff- all cheap stuff. All
50-80% off, Location: 283 Young Street, Waterloo 10am – 5pm


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