Friday, June 23, 2006

The talk of the town this morning ain’t the surf that’s for sure… Proud Aussie flags have popped out from every nook and cranny basking in the joy of last night’s draw between our ‘Roos and Croatia. Dang

For those that managed to get out of bed there are a few small waves in our back paddocks. Currently we’ve got a summer like Northerly wind pattern (NW early, NE later) with a fickle East swell 1- 2m. This translates to surfable Bondi at waist to head high sets with a heap of bump in your chunk around 7am. Pity summer temperatures didn’t follow those northerly winds. Only a wussy 19 degrees today and 17 for weekend.

Should be a good weekend’s surfing with offshore winds for most and small but rideable 3 footers for both Saturday and Sunday. So my suggestion for the weekend would be to surf early, come eat pesto eggs at 3 eggs (old brown sugar – get discount if you call Cakey a knob, try for a free breakky if ya poke Cakey in the eye), and then visit the Aquabumps Rancho Deluxo Gallery next door 10am-4pm(sat/sun) 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi map. Fill those blank walls with hydro joy – sneak preview…aidos,ugio south de border

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