Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ugly morning. Saw 1 person on Bondi running in the rain – no one surfing. Heavy rain, dark thick grey skies with howling easterly wind at 35 knots. The good news is that this storm has kicked up some swell. It’s not rideable yet due to onshore conditions…but tomorrow afternoon and Saturday look like a different story. Start waxing up…expect head high waves today building to double head high tomorrow.

BOM predict W/NW change on Friday with rain clearing, and moderate to fresh West winds on Saturday (perfect direction, hopefully not too strong). High tide 3:45pm, Low tide 9:15am.
Could barely get a decent shot of anything in between showers this morning. So yup more Indo delights.
33South are having a monster sale at their Oxford Street Store in Paddo. Everything is $29.99!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Aloha. Bumps are back. What a trip. Rad. Thanks Indies III crew & guests for making the trip possible. I’m back up there in a couple of months – dang! Indonesia may be close to Australia geographically, but logistically it’s a mission and might as well be on the other side of the globe (36 hours straight travel to return). The ground still rocks…

This morning Bondi wasn’t looking to flash. Word on the street is that there hasn’t been much around for the past couple of weeks. Stark contrast to the bombs scored up in indo last week – yeeeoow. Enough already – you’re probably sick of hearing that…well how about check out some of my favourite pics from the trip:

Bondi had chest to head high sets this morning. Nuisance east winds corrupting surface quality and making a mess of it. Hand full of guys out in the middle mucking around on weak dribbly bits…I don’t rate it at all (potentially skewed point of view)…and best sneaking in a couple of extra zz’s. Swell from the east. 18 degree water. 16 degree max on land…High tide 1:50pm.
The outlook for the rest of the week is made interesting with a big swell forecast Friday afternoon. Unfortunately onshore winds will make ruin of anything decent, but Saturday it should be offshore and well worth a paddle – in fact it looks pretty good…
Hope you got last weeks notice that the Tsubi sale has changed – The new details are: Sat 9 and Sun 10 July, at the Kirk Church, 422 Cleveland St Surry Hills. 10am – 4pm.

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Monday, 27th June 2005

We’ve had epic waves this trip. Started a little slow…but
the islands came good in the second week. Some of the best surf
I’ve seen up here. Let the pictures do the talking – seeya back
in Bondeee. Later ::Uge

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Tuesday, 21st June

Hola. Having minimal contact with the outside world I don’t
really know what’s happening at Bondi (or the rest of the world
for that matter). Over here in Indonesia we scored today. The promised
swell arrived at a 150 metre left hander. 6 foot on the larger sets,
4 foot for most of the day – some big fat shacks on offer. Lethal
sharp inside section claimed a few causalities on the low tide –
not making the end section can be a painful experience. Cross shore
winds caused havoc before glassing off around 4pm. Best waves of
the trip so far and it looks like tomorrow is going to be a cracker.
Got some mega shots today. Seeyyoou ::uge
PS – we’re not getting email on
the boat (Satellite connection = mega $$$)…so if you have questions
or reply to this email it won’t be read until later this month.

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Sunday, June 19

Selamat pagi. Bondi has probably been ‘best ever’ in my
absence…I bet. Well we’ve been scoring a few waves in the Mentawai’s
over the past couple of days. Most breaks suffer from early morning
sickness, wind chop affected and not really lining up. But by about
lunchtime it completely cleans up into 3-4 foot bowly heaven &
sunshine… The last few spots have been mostly rights with minimal
crew and a couple tube sections. By about 2pm a vicious storm will
hit for about an hour (standard down pour and 50 knots squalls)
whilst the mother ship (Indies III) ducks for cover behind islands
the size of your backyard. Tonight we drive all night to reach a
world class right at sunrise (yeah, most of you know it…), probably
one of the most photographed waves in the world. Can’t really tell
you much weather specific info as I have no idea about tides or
winds (not that it’s relevant to you all) – it changes every hour.

Bit of info about Mentawai Islands; They’re a remote
archipelago of islands that hang off Sumatra, Indonesia. Swells
pump from the south along the west coast of oz traveling through
deep water (its 5500 metres deep just along side these islands)
smashing into a network of shallow coral reefs at huge intervals
(you get 22 sec periods here). 30,000 people live on these islands
and they have a unique language, religion and culture as they have
been pretty much untouched due to their geographic isolation from
the mainland and inaccessibility. Most of the population live in
small villages… some still in loin cloths, filed teeth and tattooed
from head to toe.
Enough Captain Cook rambles…typing on a rocking
boat makes dinner come close to the surface. Selamat tinggal, ::Uge
PS – we’re not getting email on the boat (Satellite
connection = mega $$$)…so if you have questions or reply to this
email it won’t be read until later this month. Have a good week…

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Thursday 16, June 2005

Hola! Psycho day…began with chunky 4-5 foot left hander,
perfect sunshine…little bit fat in sections…no crew. Around
12pm we were greeted with a 50 knot storm mutilating anything surfable.
All out of the water to find a sheltered point. 2 hours later, it
perfectly glassed off and a few tubing rights on a nearby deserted
break, tight pockets after a super sucky take off. The weather is
so unpredictable up here. Over and out. ::Uge

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

We’re here! Indonesia that is…if you’re
not up with the program Aquabumps reports are being broadcasted
off the luxury vessel Indies Trader III for a couple of weeks. 8
surfers, 6 staff and 94 feet of pure joy. It’s a floating
Geez…be a miracle if this report gets through
to you all (via satellite connection)… we’re currently
miles from any form of decent technology in jungle lined bays of
a remote Indonesian archipelago – no phones, no real evidence
of infrastructure…just jungle, waves and toasty warm water.
(Hard to believe 240 million people live up here)
After 3 flights and a 14 hour overnight boat ride
through a 55 knot storm, we’ve come across a few waves. Don’t know
what Bondi’s up to but we’ve had a 5 hour session at a world class
left (not naming breaks), head high on sets with nuisance howling
off/cross shore winds. Late afternoon saw a glass off producing
some tight pockets well worthy of a whack. No tubular action yet.
Unreal sunset last night over a palm riddled island the size of
your backyard…uninhabited…something straight out of the movie
‘Blue Lagoon’… you know where to find me if I don’t come back.
Word on the street is the swell is coming up overnight…so
expect some beefy tubing chunks…(insert beg)
Blood count – 4 injured today on exposed sharp
inside section – nothing serious…I lost some bark on
my first wave – got greedy. Luck there is a heart surgeon
on board to patch us all up.
Gotta go, queasy typing on a rocking boat whilst heading
to our overnight anchorage. Adios, ::Ugios
PS – oh yeah, thought you all might like
to know that TSUBI are having a garage sale on
the 25 + 26th June, 10am til 4pm, 33 Collins Street
Alexandria (between Bourke and O’Riordan. Good stuff, crap
stuff. All cheap, cash only.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Bondi 7am – smaller, waist to shoulderThe swell is down on yesterday yet still surfable for the keen ones. Waves around waist to shoulder high in the middle and the corner. Back wash was causing a few problems in the south. This stretch of perfect weather continues with clear skies and decent temp of 22 today. Light North West winds early followed by a fresh north easterly this afternoon. Current high thick cloud will thicken as the day progresses before a cloudy weekend.

Weekend surf prediction – Saturday cloudy, moderate N/NW winds, 20 deg, east swell 2-3 footers. Sunday – bigger…looking good, hit east facing beaches and score, rain in the morning clearing. Monday – dang! Looking good – take RDO.
I have around 10,000 emails requesting�more joggercam/swimmer cam. Thanks to all those concerned. Even my Mum emailed in about it (huh?). Well it’s back today. Really behind in emai repliesl…so if you’ve email me and no response. I am working on it!
Bondi Board Riders – postponed this Sunday. Go surfing outa town.
Aquabumps exhibition – last day tomorrow Saturday 11th June. (Open 10am to 6pm) Yup, my first solo show ends tomorrow. If you’ve not been, get down to 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra (Bondi end) – Underwater Australia Gallery.
Hopefully technology will hold up for reports from a very remote part of this planet over the next two weeks. Yep, doing these reports from an Indo boat trip. Great article in the SMH about another quake prediction – think we will be right in the heart of it.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bondi 7am – super clean shoulder high wavesIf I wasn’t stuck behind this laptop, I’d be floating somewhere between south to mid Bondi picking off the odd shoulder high peak under yet another perfectly sunny day. The bigger sets would probably getting me hooting whilst the smaller ones be not much more than short trim to a fattie shoulder.

Once again its not full tilt cranking – just fun, small and mega clean. I seriously don’t know why you would live anywhere else with mornings like these (bias). Light off shore breezes (NW) which will swing NE this afternoon. Low tide 3.14pm, High tide 9.57am, 22 degree joy day, prediction : swells coming… weekend should see some decent waves. Sunday/Monday 4-6ft.
Announcement: I’ve upgraded software that pumps out these email reports. Let me know if any weirdness happens.
IndoBumps. From 14th June to 27th June these reports will be broadcast from remote islands of Indonesia. Yep, don’t think anyone has done live reports via Nasa Satellite link up – but we’re gonna give it a shot. Rock on Indies III (that be the boat) yeeeeoow. I’m frothin’ big time. Got doctor coming, so we be going deep.
Have great day. ::uge (south of da border)

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bondi 8am – sweet fun ones
Joy morning. Nice little shoulder to head high clean waves rolling inconsistently
into the bay this morning. Large lulls giving you time between sets to
soak up the sunshine. Winds are offshore and the water is still supremo
20 degrees. It’s bigger and cleaner than yesterday…not smokin’ (bit
fat at times, lacking real grunt), but fun. Another sunny 21 degree day
on the land, 9:15am full tide, 2.35pm low tide. Winds will swing around
NE this afternoon. Prediction is for a few waves in Sydney on the weekend.
(head high from east, with northern/east winds).
Bondi – Heaps of crew are getting their cars broken into
in the mornings whilst surfing. Take your key with you (most wetties have
loop that hold your key). The old ‘Secret key in the wheel’ chestnut is
being observed by multiple bogan thieves hungry to rummage thru your hotrod.
Soul Riders on tonight – North Bondi RSL 7:30pm
$5 entry
Come down to North Bondi RSL to watch a couple of classic vintage skatey
movies “Wheels of Fire”(1980) and “Downhill Motion”
Surfshorts 2006 – surf film competition
Panasonic and the Billabong Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival are calling
all entries for the 2006 Panasonic Surf Shorts. Hit the cameras to create
your 7 minute flick. competition $10000 prize money up for grabs! More

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist high, super
clean, offshore winds
Its pretty small, around ya waist, sometimes bigger, clean…large lulls
in between some fun ones. 2 distinct peaks, middle and south both semi
working – quite weak & soft. A left in the middle was the pick with
a large pack of mals sniffin’ out the odd set wave. Winds will swing NE
later in the day…wouldn’t be a bad time to pick off a couple. Similar
size for the next couple of days, perhaps a hint of improvement tomorrow
at beaches facing south. High tide 8:30am, Low tide 1:55pm, deluxo 20
degree water and 21 degrees and sunny on land. This great weather continues
for the next 4 days…5 more degrees hotter and we could all pens down
and hit the beach.
Aquabumps Photo-art Exhibition – Final week
Drop by Underwater Australia Gallery to see the Aquabumps Photo-art exhibition
which will be open until 11th June. 1 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, Telephone
02-9387 6180 or see preview
. All works are for sale.
Six Ounce Board Store
Ben Lucas has started a board store out the back of Bondi specialising
in finely tuned twinnies + single fins as well as all your standard shorty’s
+ mals. Classic sprays – retro shapes a plenty – works of art. Telephone
9300 8339, Shop 2/144 Glenayr Ave Bondi Beach. SixOunceSite

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Bondi 7am – waist to shoulder, its
been better
Today’s surf ain’t much to froth about. Especially incomparison with last
weeks solid sessions. How goooood was last Friday and Saturday? Hope you
scored. Today we’ve got waist to shoulder high waves in the middle on
a left hand bank. Lacking grunt, most waves were surfable but pretty cruisy
and suited to mals/fishes. Great weather…High tide 7:45am, Low tide
1:18pm, water 20 degrees, Max land temp. 21 degrees fine and sunny with
light winds. Next swell due at the end of the week – not much until then.
Have to say the light this morning was ‘best ever’ (around
7am – 7:15am). Never seen it so gold. You couldn’t take a bad shot this
morning (shot over 100 in half hour). No colour added to these shots.
No tricky photoshop work. No filters…just a really big mutha lens pointing
into the sun.
Aquabumps is heading north to Indonesia on a boat next week Yeeow. You’ll
be getting intermittent reports some of the most perfect waves on the
globe via satellite connection (if all goes well on the boat technically).
Don’t suppose anyone has a Canon
fixed length lens F2.8 IS USM lying
around that I can borrow for 2 weeks in indo? C’mon best buddy pals…Contact

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Bondi 8am – bigger, cleaner
4-5 foot yeoow
Good size at Bondi this morning. Swell has come up overnight pushing 4-5
foot waves into the bay. Couple meaty rights starting to break out the
front of the Bergs. High percentage of waves shutting down straight…especially
with the approaching low tide (11:25am). Best surf it with a bit more
water (high tide 6pm). Great conditions with offshore winds from the NW.
Chilly day, 20 degrees with a NE afternoon breeze. Tomorrow will bring
us joy with offshores and left over south swell, not as good as today,
but still fun (3ft). Sunday should see much smaller conditions, surfable
early and then dropping.
LowBall : After a few technical problems
yesterday (Lowball sends their apologies), Matthew Haughey from Bondi
was the winner with a bid of 30 cents for the Aloha board.
Mega Garage Sale Bondi: Some of the friends
of ‘bumps are having a massive garage sale, on Saturday and Sunday, tons
of guys and chicks stuff, all the best labels, surf, jeans, and fashion.
Corner Gould and Glascow st, opposite the Bondi markets.
Starts Saturday at midday.
Local band Junto are playing at the
Bondi Hotel this Saturday night 4th June. Not to be missed!

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bondi 7am – workable peaks a plenty, little straightGreetings on this frosty morning. We’ve got clean head high waves under perfectly clear skies and an artic offshore breeze. Bondi has several peaks working, most of which had close out sections. Perhaps with more water, towards the high tide it may improve. Low tide 10:43 High tide 17:09. Water is still a deluxe 20 degrees but the 8 degree morning land temp is enough to cause some pain running up to the car park wet. Tomorrow looks like fun with NW winds and a small increase in swell size – yeeeow. Saturday will still have a few, but Sunday will be micro. Haven’t shot in the water lately because of a flu…I’m back…hard to get into position today, fair bit of water moving in the south.

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Kelly Slater won the GLOBE FIJI WCT event yesterday against CJ Hobgood in the final. Surf looked epic! more info

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The auction will start 10.00am Monday 30th of May 2005 and will end at 5.30pm (Sydney time) on Thursday 2nd of June 2005.
A unique bid is a price which no one else has submitted.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bon-dye 8am – bigger, messier and surfableLast nights strong south change gave birth to a new swell which is bigger yet messier than yesterday. Bondi had some larger 3-5 foot sets out the back towards the middle. Looked really bumpy and closing out on the bigger ones. A protected corner would best suit today’s conditions. This swell is hanging around until Saturday and predicting light winds for the rest of the week! W/NW winds on Friday should show some quality. High tide 4:20pm, Low tide 10am, Water warm 20 degrees with a cool 19 degrees for land dwellers. All day offshores should make for cleaner conditions…

Fiji is going off today for the finals. If you’re bored at work twiddling your pen, the GLOBE WCT Fiji surf comp, which is currently being broadcast live over the net, should provide a distraction. Just watching Kelly Slater (USA) Vs Fred Patacchia (HAWAII) pull into some epic Tavarua tubes. Live footage online

LowBallTM is offering a 6’4"; Aloha Surfboard for you to buy in our SMS Reverse Auction… You have the opportunity to buy this 6’4"; Aloha Surfboard valued at $650, for the lowest unique bid. Its possible you could end up buying this board for less than a dollar.
In a normal Auction where you have to be the highest bidder to buy, with LowBallTM it’s the lowest unique bidder who will have the opportunity to buy.
How to make a bid:

To make a bid of 20 cents, txt BID 20 to 19 30 30 – it’s very simple!
For higher bids like $1.89 text BID 189 to 19 30 30 – all bids must be in cents!
Each bid costs $2.00. Billed as a premium SMS message.
The auction will start 10.00am Monday 30th of May 2005 and will end at 5.30pm (Sydney time) on Thursday 2nd of June 2005.
A unique bid is a price which no one else has submitted.

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