Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bondi 7am – super clean shoulder high waves
If I wasn’t stuck behind this laptop, I’d be floating somewhere between south to mid Bondi picking off the odd shoulder high peak under yet another perfectly sunny day. The bigger sets would probably getting me hooting whilst the smaller ones be not much more than short trim to a fattie shoulder.

Once again its not full tilt cranking – just fun, small and mega clean. I seriously don’t know why you would live anywhere else with mornings like these (bias). Light off shore breezes (NW) which will swing NE this afternoon. Low tide 3.14pm, High tide 9.57am, 22 degree joy day, prediction : swells coming… weekend should see some decent waves. Sunday/Monday 4-6ft.

Announcement: I’ve upgraded software that pumps out these email reports. Let me know if any weirdness happens.

IndoBumps. From 14th June to 27th June these reports will be broadcast from remote islands of Indonesia. Yep, don’t think anyone has done live reports via Nasa Satellite link up – but we’re gonna give it a shot. Rock on Indies III (that be the boat) yeeeeoow. I’m frothin’ big time. Got doctor coming, so we be going deep.

Have great day. ::uge (south of da border)

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